Sunday, January 3, 2010

{Giveaway Day: the Juice!}

Hello darlings,

This post is jam-packed with all you need to know {and more!} about Gussy's upcoming Giveaway Day.

I hope you had the chance to checkout my Giveaway Day in November. It was great fun and over 470 individual comments were left! Since it was super successful I'm going to have another one in January. Yeow!

{Giveaway Day is set for Monday, January 25}

If you have an online business {or brick & mortar shop} I'm interested in showcasing your products. Gussy loves to gawk.
Even better, Gussy readers love to gawk!

I am looking for beautiful, unique items that my readers {mostly female, age 18-45} will take interest in.

If you want to be gawked at, send me an email {details are at the end of this post}. Giveaway Day is in about 3 weeks.

Giveaway Day is a sure way to promote your shop!
Let's get right down to the point: This is advertisement for you! An entire giveaway post written by Gussy. Imagine all the fun this will be. I can hardly wait and I'm the one in charge.

The cost to be included in Giveaway Day is $15. That includes a sassy, delightful post entirely about you & your shop. Traffic to my blog is DOUBLING every month -- I can guarantee that your shop WILL have increased exposure and this will be worth the small fee.

There is a minimum giveaway limit of $20 for your donated product/gift certificate. Yup, that's right: shop gift certificates are most welcome!

It is my goal to offer a giveaway every couple of hours, and have course have items from various categories {this part is mega important}.

If your shop is accepted, I will type up my thoughts on your drool-worthy goods. I'll share my thoughts on your gawk-able goods. Your giveaway prize will be featured at the end of your individual post. I'll accept up to 24 shops; one per hour max!

At the end of each post, I will remind everyone to scroll down and enter the other giveaways. If you saw my last Giveaway Day you'll remember some of the giveaways received over 100 unique entries. That was so amazing :) It's my goal to double that this time around!

If you'd like to be considered:

Send me an email with the words "Giveaway Day: January" in the subject line.

Within the email be sure to include:
  • a link to your shop
  • a link to your blog {if you have one}
  • what you are offering for the giveaway {item or shop credit}
  • and anything you want me to know about you and your darling shop.

The deadline to enter yourself in Giveaway Day is Friday, January 15.

If your shop is Gussy-friendly I'll send you an email on Monday, January 18 saying you're in!

If you don't hear from me, please try again next time.
{You know there will be a next time!}

Remember that in order to keep Giveaway Day a fun experience for my readers I must prioritize offering a variety of goods. So no hard feelings, mmmk?

If you are chosen you will then submit to me, via PayPal, the $15 entry fee. More details on this will be included in the Giveaway Day email.

I'm so sooo so so so excited about this. I hope to receive an email from all of you talented gals. Serious.

Let the fun begin!


Teri said...

Yay-another giveaway day! I love checking out new shops:) And its so timely...the giveaway day is the day after my birthday:)

Mindy said...

Can't wait!