Saturday, January 16, 2010

{just me and him}

Dear Thread, I dream of you in my sleep...

Last night was so spectacular! Zack and I spent the entire evening together. Some how we were both busy bees from Sunday on. Thursday we tried to spend some time together but I was feeling a little sassy, a little grumpy.

I did my best.

I even warned Zack, I'm feeling kind of grumpy.

He said, I know and it's OK.


See what happens when you're honest? hah :)

And tonight, word on our Minneapolis street is that he's taking me on a date. I wonder where we'll go? One time we went to this amazing Indian restaurant, Bombay Bistro, but it had such a quiet atmosphere. The kind of restaurant where you whisper? Yeah, I had a hard time there. The food was sooo delish and our waiter was hilarious! Everyone had fun :)

I think some times I can easily let my work take precedence over having some R&R. I think my mindset is, Why take a break? I heart sewing. But... everyone needs a little break from everything once in a while. Recently, one of my good blogging friends Lindsay told me to, STOP! Take a break. Go on a date with your hubby. Take an evening off for yourself. 

While it was pretty much "duh" advice, it was totally needed. I needed her to slap me around via email.

What kind of Saturday plans do you have? I probably will sew for a few hours -- remember I'm working on a secret project ;) -- but then come dinner time I'm out of here like a girl that got burned on her iron.


Yeah, no clue where that came from.

Hope your Saturday is lovely :)

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See ya, friends


Meredith said...

Awe!! Good for you!!! You need date nights now and then!!! Glad you had fun!! I can't wait to see what the new project is!!!!

Meg said...

You do deserve a special date night with your hubby! I get to go out on a date on Monday for my Birthday!! I can't wait to see what special thing you have planned for us to see!


Kimberly said...

It's our 23rd wedding anniversary tomorrow. 23?? Yeow. Hubs is taking me to dinner which has become a rare occasion - he prefers luncheon dates. Daughter just got a beautiful dress from Christmas and she's dying to wear it, so we have to invite her too! So, we are going tonight as tomorrow I have big plans with my cousin. BIG plans. Hoping to find some vintage treasures there.

Anonymous said...

My husband gets them at the grocery store he works at...maybe they're Tollhouse? Maybe Pillsbury? One of those...but they're GOOOODDDD...I can cook and eat the whole pack. And I do!

Anonymous said...

I love your little hearts in the header and the way you wrote "gussy" and as always, all the positive energy that radiates through your blog! Happy weekend my friend!

lindsey said...

oh this is a good reminder! its so hard to take a break from something you enjoy doing.

Lindsay - Paint Me A Picture said...

everyone needs a little slapping around sometime.
xoxo have a blast!