Thursday, January 14, 2010


:: 5 things i love ::

Thread. All colors. All shades. An entire rack of beautiful, sassy thread makes me happy.

This yellow purse. My friend, Megan, has it and I wish I had one, too. I love the color, and the size. Sigh...

Pink and orange nail polish. I heart nail polish. Right now my nails are a happy shade of yellow. I am certain purple is up next...

Coffee. Coffeeeeeeeeeee. Yum! How can coffee, especially in this hot pink mug, not make your day like 3% better? :)

It's likely this photo is from my childhood. Who cares that I really found it online. When I was like 3, and every year until now, I had an obsession for chapstick.
Right Mom and Dad? :) They will tell you the truth.

See that gap?
Two chapsticks are missing. Must. Buy. More.

What makes you happy?
Do share


Megs said...

whoa, that is my purse! weird! where's that picture from? i've actually gotten quite sick of my purse, haha. i've been browsing for a new one in brown leather...

Annie @ The House That Jade Built said...

All of the below make me happy

painting hideous furniture into bright fun colors to fill my home, my babies laughing hard makes me laugh hard too, ugly dogs that are so ugly they are cute (like my pug Trudie), old couples holding hands, chapstick (have you tried Nivea?!? - it's a-mazing), fingerless gloves (also known as boogerpickers down south which is hilarious), trips away with my husband, knock off D&G purses - I hoard almost every color, and a good diet coke & popcorn

Heather :: Angel Face Designs :: said...

I am sooooooo withyou on the Chapstick and I've passed on the love (obsession) to Leila!

Celeste said...

* necklace {I have to wear one every. single. day.}
* Swedish Fish {my guilty pleasure. what even is the flavor?}
* vintage stuff {we have a refurbished 200 year old claw-foot tub in our bathroom. oh my. I love it so!}
* good hair days {who doesn't?}
* toile/damask fabric
* being with kids
* auto mechanics {I really am such a GIRLY girl, but I have a strange love of working on cars!}

Lindsay - Paint Me A Picture said...

Mr.C's smile in the wine.Gussy.putting my {cold} feet on R in the bed.cheese toast.sleep.comfy pajama pants.Pike's Place or Major Dickason {good coffee}.the list goes on...