Friday, January 22, 2010

{signing off for the weekend}

There are so many amazing, fun, and exciting Gussy things for me to accomplish in the next few weeks. I feel, in order to get everything done, I need to turn my computer off for the weekend. Yup, I'm a little nervous. Hah.

I need to really focus all my attention on accomplishing my goals and projects:
  • Blissdom about 2 weeks away. I need to stock my shop, sew myself something Gussy, and overall just prepare to leave for Nashville.
  • My shop needs some new items :]
  • Giveaway Day is Monday and I have to prepare 11 posts by Sunday night. That's right, there are 11 giveaway's this time 'round. Yeow!
  • I'm also working on something new that I hope to introduce to you Sunday night

Gussy isn't going to happen by itself; I have to put a lot of work into this and while it is sooooooo super rewarding, it takes time to plan, organize, and output. I can do it, though :) I'm really excited.

Stay tuned...


PS. I finished the big 18 laptop bag project :]

PPS. There are a lot of Gussy giveaways going on now. All the links are at the top of this blog under Gussy + Etsy Shop News.

And remember to scroll down and read the Featured Artist post on Letter Happy. If you make it to the end there's a little surprise for y'all!


Meg said...

Have a great and productive weekend! I will miss your posts! I can't wait to see your new stuff and maybe use my $25 shop credit when you reveal them! I got the small pouches I ordered, they are beautiful! Thanks!

Corrie said...

Those Gussys in the picture...they're different than your normal Gussy, aren't they?? Tell us more! :)

dixie said...

I really like the processing on that pic. Hope you have a good weekend and get a lot of stuff done!

Lindsay - Paint Me A Picture said...

I hope you are sew sewing and not reading this BUT we got a surprise over the weekend and got the keys to the house! SEW I climbed a ladder today and scraped wall paper. MrWonderful painted. I. Hate. Wall Paper.

Mindy said...

You didn't really sign off for the weekend I see? ;)

Do some people buy a bunch of Gussys and sell them in a shop or something?