Friday, February 5, 2010


I am having such an amazzzzzzzzzzzing time at Blissdom. This hotel is amazing, the food is delish -- plus I'm hugging my blog buds: The Nester, The Inspired Room, Kimba - A Soft Place To Land, Lisa Leonard, The Pleated Poppy. AND MORE. Ahh, I'm in love!

Some times it's hard being here, though -- I've spent months talking to these women but to actually stop them and introduce myself? Very strange. Guys, Gussy gets a little nervous some times.

What kind of a story do I have that's worth sharing?! I'm just a Gussy girl who sews.

I'm having such a spectacular time, though. Even though I'm a little self-conscious to be here... even though there are a ton of women everywhere and I feel like I blend in with the wall... Whatever, not going there :)

Thank you though for the sweet comments left on my previous post.
yeow -- lovin' this!


PS. all my roomates have accents and when they say, "Gussy" it melts my heart.


Meg said...

I want you to know that I opened up my very own, home grown Etsy Shop last night, and with every click of the button(and you know that's a lot of clicks)I thought about you, your story, your success and how much you have inspired me to just go for it and achive my dreams! I actually got teary eyed when I was finished loading all of my items(21 at the moment)and got to see the final results! Thank you Maggie! I hope that you time at Blissdom continues to be wonderful and that you have a safe trip home!

kaylin rose and mara anne said...

Sounds like you are having a wonderful time...that is awesome! Enjoy and have lots of fun.

Anonymous said...

Have so much fun and come home with lots of stories to share with us all. Sounds like things are going very well = )

Melissa G. said...

I'm glad you are having a great time there! I can understand how it could be hard to actually meet these people in real life! I kind of like hiding behind my computer screen. =) But good for you for going beyond your comfort zone and reaching out. You don't have anything to worry about, you are amazing and everyone who meets you will love you!

Laryssa Herbert said...

I so enjoyed meeting you! So wonderful. :-)

lindsey said...

you have been awesome this weekend gus! and everyone here is smitten with you!

Paula Jean said...

Hi! I found your blog through the link over at (in)courage. I love it! Love your spunk, love your sewing, love your blog. :)