Thursday, February 11, 2010

{a date to the fabric store}

Two nights ago I realized I just couldn't do it all, nor could I get it all done on my own. And I hated admitting that, but what I didn't hate at alllll was Zack's immediate response to help me out. Not that that surprised me... It was just so reassuring and helpful.

You see, I just can't get enough sewing in. It's never, ever enough. Two nights ago I realized we were out of groceries. And, I didn't have any time to get them because I needed to sew, hah! Nor did I want to send Zack to get them {nor did Zack want to go}. We agreed I'd order groceries that night online and have them delivered to our apartment the following evening.

{Yes, living in the city is fantastic. But it also means really, really, really organized trips out.}

{And while I love to be organized, it just takes a lot of time.}

{This is the last sentence in brackets.}

As soon as Zack walked in the door from work we kissed and I took off. It's funny -- it was like a date to the fabric store ;)

Zack stuck around to greet the grocery delivery man and put the groceries away. Shortly afterward I was back home, but that hour I was gone was. pure. bliss.

It's been awhile since I haven't felt rushed at the fabric store...

Yeah, I forgot a few things yesterday, but Zack read them to me over the phone and so nothing was forgotten. While there, I picked out THE CUTEST shades of pink, red and orange. Some yellow -- this amazing shade of yellow with a tiny hint of green! All for my ruffles.

And... this might just be the best part: I found some GREAT fabrics for laptop bags. Take a look:

Ummm, are you drooling yet?! I love them so much I told the gal to cut me a few extra yards. MUAH! I know they are a little winter-y but with a Gussy ruffle in pink or red they'll be hot!!! I can see them now... :)

Yep, hott.

Once I was back home I sat down to sew, something I haven't done for an entire week. Me and my radio player, hanging out with lots of fabric, ruffles and my sewing machine.

A perfectly successful evening.

What did you do yesterday that made your day perfect?


Debbie S said...

I love the black and white fabric. Sweet! I was going to fold all the 3 piles of clean clothes on the floor, but caught up on Idol instead. :)

Jacky {The Sweetest Petunia} said...

Love that fabric! How fun for Gussy. I would love to get some new fabric, but for now I'm using what I have to save the money. It still amazes me how much money I could spend on fabric. :)

Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea said...

I can't get enough of black & white so that fabric is perfect!

Josey's mom said...

My little girl and I went outside in Germany for the first time ON A SUNDAY DAY! We have been here tw weeks, transplanted from AZ and BOY DO WE MISS THE SUN!


ooh Love that fabric!

Kimberly said...

My day is perfect when I get to sew as well!

Good job Gussy.

Emily said...

Oh I love going to the fabric store by myself. Perusing patterns and fabrics without children as distractions is pure bliss! :) Glad to hear your making more laptop bags. Do you make them in netbook size? New to your site and love it!!

Alyssa said...

since I'm also from MN I'm so curious where you get your fabric. Dare you reveal your source ? :)

Amanda said...

I love the new laptop bag fabric...both!! Yesterday was perfect because I was finally able to go in to work. I live in MD and the streets and businesses have for the most part been totally shut down due the snow for the last week!

Domestic Chicky said...

Damask?!? Seriously, Gussy? You're TRYING to torture me now, aren't you??? ; )

rellyruffek said...

Yesterday? I posed for photos with my daughter and her two week old baby girl, Chloe. My first born...her first born...does it get better than that? ;-)

Roberta said...

Oh please add some bright lime green, turquoise and orange to that black damask...oh la la

I unpacked and organized my kitchen...yeah :}

Have you thought about ordering your fabrics on-line to save time? Seems like you should be able to get some good wholesale deals...or perhaps it's a "tactile" things where you just have to see it...I know how that is...I'm a hands on gal as well.

Shannon said...

I love the fabric. Can't wait to see the newest laptop/work bags. I love the damask one that sold... :)