Tuesday, March 2, 2010

{everyday uses...}

The many uses for your Gussy:

♥ ♥

1. Organization:
  • for your purse, diaper bag, car
  • store coupons, cash, accessories
  • carry makeup, personal products, medicine

2. Multiple Orders:
  • custom bridal party gifts
  • baby/bridal shower game prizes
  • mommy/daughter matching sets

3. For work:
  • laptop case
  • briefcase for notes, file folders
  • tote magazines and books

4. To Share:
  • thank you notes
  • gift tags
  • I miss you...
  • I love you...

5. To Protect:
  • Smart Phone
  • iTouch
  • iPod
  • camera {analog or digital}

PS. Have you entered the BIG Gussy giveaway, posted below?


The Blog of Finleypotamus and His Little Kierbear said...

My purse was a hot mess until I organized it with two Gussy pouches. I just need one more and a wallet and my purse will be perfect. :)

Alisha said...

Gussy- have you thought of doing anything for fiber artists/crafters? Knitting Needle or hook cases? The pouches would be good for all the notions but I think a knitting needle case/roll with the Gussy Ruffle would be the cutest thing ever!

KI said...

Any Gussy bags in the works for Digital SLR cameras?!?! If so, it'd be greatly enjoyed and appreciated on my part!

Jacky {The Sweetest Petunia} said...

Love my {currently} 3 Gussies! Shady Gus does a great job of keeping my iTouch safe {when I can find it - oops!}, Lovely Gus is keeping my purse nice and organized, and Mini Gus {my little wallet} is great for either coupons/receipts or when I take my little purse {where my "monster" wallet doesn't fit so well}. Someday I'll get myself a Skinny Gus. :)

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

I love my Gussy bags! All of them. I could use some of those Gussy pouches to corral little things!

lisab said...

Okay...i need a couple Gussy pouches to organize my purse! I just purchased a big one and I need organizers badly. I also just adore the computer laptap bag. The one with the red ruffle...its Beeuutiful!

Christen Krumm said...

ok i'm liking all those too now. i saw them and thought i wouldn't have anything to use them for... now... i love them. and i have graduations coming up!! whoot whoot!!


Maggie Whitley {Gussy} said...

Kl: currently I'm not making any DSLR camera bags.

Melissa: <3

lisab: sign up for my newsletter and save 15% :)


gina said...

don't forget for teacher's gifts- National Teacher Appreciation Week is May 2-8 this year. Also a bridal shower gift with a gift card in it!

Becca @ Lovely Yellow Ribbons said...

Got your email about the LA Times, how AWESOME, Mags! I'm really excited for you, you deserve it!

Kathy said...

Hey Gussy ! I agree with Alisha......a case for my "knitters" would be so cool!

Love you,

Mama Gus

conehome said...

Congratulations on the LA Times mention!
Saw you at Blissdom, but didn't have the pleasure of meeting you there. Maybe next time!
eCONEmic Living

Michelle said...

Gussy keeps my Crackberry safe & my lip gloss easily accessible. Soon, there will be a third Gussy in my bag (my other custom gem which I have YET to use) to keep my spare change in one place...because the change compartment in my wallet just isn't cutting it.

I love my Gussy's!! xoxo