Wednesday, March 3, 2010

{feature: No. 17 Cherry Tree Lane}

May I introduce No. 17 Cherry Tree Lane:

1. Tell us about you, your shop, and why you create. No. 17 Cherry Tree Lane is truly my online "home". It's a place where I come and share my inspirations, thoughts and vintage finds. I love to write about motherhood, faith, and my slight obsessions with flea markets, antique shops, Mary Poppins and shopping. It's a large melting pot of musings, straight from my heart. Mainly I seek to make No17CTL a warm and inviting place for others to visit, by keeping it real and unique...

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2. What is the best memory/event you have from creating?
Since my shop is not a shop of homemade creations, but vintage finds, most of my favorite moments are found at the antique marts and flea markets on Fridays and Saturdays. I think my best memory in regards to shopping for items for Attic 17 is when I ventured to a garage sale and a woman was selling a vintage, turquoise blue OLIVETTI typewriter from the 1960's for $10. My heart skipped a beat. And then I snatched it up.

3. What is your favorite item, or what is your best seller? My favorite item I ever sold was a 3 piece set of glass refrigerator PYREX. It's not that the pieces are all that uncommon... it's that they are so stinkin' cute and versatile. I had over 25 inquiries on that set alone, within about 5 minutes of posting. Adorable (seen here).

4. Share something you've learned from creating? What I have learned most from both writing on my blog and selling vintage on Attic 17 is this: Be true to what you love. If you write what you love and sell what you love, it all matters more. It means more. It makes everything more genuine, memorable and worthwhile.

5. When you are stressed, have too much to do, or need a break, how do you relax? I go for a run. Strap on the tennis shoes, turn on the iPod and run off the stress. If that doesn't work, I eat a cupcake.


Thanks, Rachel!


Cherry Tree Lane said...

Thank YOU Gussy!

Or should I say..."G".

Jennifer said...

Great interview! Nice to 'meet' Cherry Tree Lane! :)

Cora Anne Designs said...

Hurray! I love Cherry Tree Lane!