Monday, March 8, 2010

{giveaway winners}

As promised, here are the giveaway winners:


If you're interested in saving 15% on your Gussy order, you can sign up for my newsletter and the discount code will be emailed to you! Look for the orange Bravenet box near the top of this blog.

Do you ever have important phone calls and they just make you feel, well, so important? I do, and I love them! :)


PS. Thank you for all the Gussy love. You're spectacular!


Sarah Seitz said...

OH yay!! That's me!! And, see, I noticed even before you emailed me. That makes me an All Star Gussy reader :). Can't wait to choose...but how will I?

Amber said...

I got both pouches I ordered...and I LOVE them!!!!! I will be spreading the GUSSY love!


Krissy said...

Ive seen your shop through etsy several times and never saw the blog and other sites attached! I am excited to have found them, your gussy's are so fun!