Thursday, March 18, 2010

{our little sunshiny date}

Sunday morning, Zack and I took a little walk to the bakery. It was so gorgeous outside -- so bright and sunny -- a prefect morning date :)

{It was so bright inside I didn't even realize my sunglasses were still on...}

This little date reminded me of when we were in college, walking the campus together as boyfriend + girlfriend. Man, that was a long time ago! Hah!

This spring marks our 6th year together

Speaking of "years" -- I can NOT believe this June is our second wedding anniversary.

You should have seen the other side of this bakery. Not only did they have deee-licous looking cupcakes and cheesecakes, but they had fresh muffins, donuts, scones -- tasty :)

I love fun dates like this!

I knew I'd spend most of the day sewing or blogging, so it was especially important to have some Zack & Maggie time in.

Like last night. I knew I was tired. I knew I needed a break. I knew there was work to do.
But I knew I needed to be on the couch and not in The Sweat Shop.

We have to know our limits, right?


My nephew Collin has been saying the darnedest things to my mom.
Last night he told her his back "was all itchy."

She said, "I wonder why...?"

"Grandma, it's called Leprosy."

Duh, Grandma ;)


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Peach Rainbow said...

fresh doughnuts are a great way to start a day ;D

Meg said...

It is always good to take time with family, I am not even close to being as busy as you, but sometimes I still need to just sit down and hang out with the fam! Next weekend my hubby and I are taking a WHOLE day and spending it together...alone! He is taking me to a pretty town North of where we live full of antique shops, winery's and Irish Pubs, I am so excited, we are even going to stay at a neat little B&B, ah...sigh! Thanks again for the making me that perfect knitting bag and for the sweet post, it really made me smile, you are awesome Maggie! Have a wonderful day full of love, laughter and sewing! And always remember you ARE a true inspiration to so many people out there!

Imperfect said...

Hubby's an accountant so he's working crazy hours right now. We recently took a short walk around the neighborhood just to be together for a bit. Time with each other - even if it's simple time - is indeed important.

Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary!

Jacky {The Sweetest Petunia} said...

Aw, I could definitely use a sweet sunshine date! H. and I used to meet for coffee almost every week, but our schedules have changed and it just doesn't work out as well...makes me sad. But, he has been able to come eat lunch with me on Fridays when I teach my classes. I love him. :)

Oh my word, Collin is hilariously precious! Of course it's leprosy. What else? ;D

Have a great day, Gussy!

Jingle said...

I love fun dates like that!!! It does make you feel young again! Love it! And your nephew is hilarious! LOL!

Lindsay - Paint Me A Picture said...


Jen said...

Awww - you guys are so cute! Hope you have many more sunny dates!

Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea said...

So cute and what a lovely way to start your day!

Anonymous said...

it's SO wonderful to take a break and have a date with the hubby; those are always much needed!
LOVE the leprosy saying-that's hilarious!!
have a great day!

Kjirsten said...

Super cute!!! Love is grand!!! Having your time with your hubby is super important. Everything else is just stuff!! Have a great one!!

erin alison said...

gaaaahahahaha your nephew is amazing. how old is he?

Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

I want your glasses!

....and a scone!