Friday, October 3, 2008

a lengthly re-cap

I'm just about to finish up my first week of work at my new job. It is a lovely change from where I was working before we moved. Little things like better lighting, having my own desk (and it's HUGE!!!), and a not so detailed employee handbook. It's just a little more laid back in Troy because it's strictly an office setting. Before, outside the department door were many, many offset and flexo presses! Manufacturing requires a lot stricter policy... it's very obvious now. Another great change is that I'm working first shift! Finally! Zack and I can now have dinner together, or dinner with Joel & Megan Lane (they live about 2 miles from us in Ferndale). It's very nice to be on the same schedule as my hubby.

We are going to try out a new church Sunday that Joel & Megan have helped start.

Last weekend Zack had lots of OT to do... so he stayed in town and worked. I went to my parents and had so much fun with my family. Saturday afternoon we went to an apple orchard and went on a wagon ride, ate THE MOST delicious donuts and drank some cider. Collin was so cute... he went on the "piggy" ride (barrels made into car-seats and painted like a pig, then hooked up to a tractor). He and Matt also rode on the mini FIRE TRUCK (probably the most exciting thing of the day!) Collin is just my precious nephew. He called me earlier last week and asked if I would take him to ride the Carousel at the mall. Of course I will!

This weekend will be fun also. Jess is coming to visit me Saturday for an overnight. YAY, SLEEPOVERS!!! And a friend (that I worked with at John Henry) and his wife will be in town so they'll probably stop by... Good times :)

Next weekend we are going to Petoskey to visit Zack's family. Haven't been there since mid-August I think... We have seen them a few times with the move and all... I have to remember it's always so much cooler up there, so bring a coat! There is a bridal expo at Castle Farms (Charlevoix, MI) and Cindy's store will be modeling. So... Zack and I get to play Bride & Groom again... yay! :)

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