Friday, September 26, 2008

...She's employed!

It's happened! I have a job! It's been three short weeks and now on Monday I'll be working again from 8-4:30. What a perfect shift (and perfect timing). I have worked so, so hard to find a job. It has been nice being at home and taking a break from the whole work "thing," but it will be a lot nicer having two incomes and being able to save more and get some of our debts taken care of. Killing debts is a great accomplished feeling!

I'll be working as a *first-shift* proofreader for a company called Insync Media Group. They do a lot of work for BBDO Detroit, which is a very large advertising company in the country. I'll mainly be proofreading print ads (billboards, magazines, mailers) for Chrysler LLC. There is a lot of artwork to the ads, which is great for some visual stimulation. Black and White can get a little boring ;)

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