Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Pick a word, any word...

Did I miss something since college graduation??? Or at any point since I started school???

When did words start losing their meaning? I don't understand. You can't just change the definition of a word. Unless you ask permission from Merriam-Webster. And I doubt that's going to happen. Sorry.

About a month ago I want to CVS to buy a candle that I thought was on sale. Why would I think that? Well, because the sign directly below the product said ALL ESSENTIAL ELEMENT CANDLES ON SALE. I was excited, naturally, because I was trying to increase the candle collection at my house. That's for you, Mom! :)

I brought it to the cashier and that is where my excitement went to a dead halt.


It wasn't on sale, and that was because the sign really meant SOME ESSENTIAL ELEMENT CANDLES ON SALE. Ahhh.

Well I would have got that, but I didn't get the telegram that words are now interchangeably. Some = all, on sale = yeah right, lady

:( It made me really sad. It also made me have a lengthy discussion with the manager about the importance of using the right words. Of course it didn't help any. And I still was upset. It was a sad day. Just a sad day.

Now, I seen to have run into a similar problem.

Zack and I have a flexible spending account. Here, let me define that. A FSA is a place where you can put tax-free money aside for medical expenses. Well, we have one. We are happy that we have one. I tried submitting a claim yesterday, and today I found out it was denied. Denied because it the expense occurred prior to the plan originating.

Alright. I can believe that... but I don't remember seeing that in the FAQ section, or in a rule section, or anything similar. So I called up FSA and said hey, can you help me out? Please show me where... You get the point. Of course the representative I was speaking to said Yes, it's right here. It's on this document... (she rambles off)

Except I couldn't find it. And she couldn't show me EXACTLY where it was. Actually, while she was "looking" for it I read the entire document this rule was supposedly in. It said nothing. So I held for a manager. She directed me to the Health Care FSA FAQs. Alright, let's find this...

All expenses submitted must be incurred during the applicable plan year to be eligible for reimbursement.

And I thought SWEET, I was right!!!!!

But then let's just take a moment to remember what this blog post is about.
OK. Thank you for the pause.

Another thing I am upset about is the fact that this company (and obviously other companies I seem to need in my life) totally under estimate the knowledge of the customer. When I asked where a specific statement was, it couldn't be answered. A very (and I mean very!) generic answer was given. And when I kept asking questions (because I am Gussy), still there was nothing to be said. I don't get this. Are we getting so lazy that companies think we don't have a brain anymore? :( Or are companies just getting lazy.

Think about that for me.

WE HAVE BRAINS! And we should be using them! This is our money, not theirs. OURS. We worked for it. And if they are going to deny us reimbursement of OUR money, WE should know how to ask questions. I just feel very strong on this topic. Don't settle for less, my Mom always said...

So today's life lesson is this: Words don't have to mean to me what they mean to other people. They are unchangeable. Apparently "plan year" means "plan start date."

Ahhhh... Umm, no. I don't like that sounds right :(

Who knows what is going to happen next.
Stay tuned.

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