Tuesday, November 18, 2008

near and far!

Blogs have always interested me. If you find one you love, it's so easy to become an avid reader. There are a few I follow closely, blog A and blog B. I'm sure you've heard me say something about one of them over the course of time.

One thing specifically is the amount of faith these women have. I feel like I'm reading a truly wonderful inspirational novel. Except it's their lives I'm reading into, instead of words on a page that aren't tied too closely to their author.

I have been paying attention to my blog as well. I know that it gets read about 2-3 times a day; when I have a new post those numbers jump super high. I also know that you can type in my name, or the word Gussy, and my blog comes up in the search. I really like that part :)

Most of my readers are from Michigan, but some are from Utah, Colorado, Oregon, and Texas. My favorite location is a reader logging in from...

The District of Columbia. To be more specific: their IP address says U.S. House of Representatives (!!!)

Holy Cow.

If anyone reading would like to share a comment (click the Comment link at the end of this post) with how they found my blog that would be super-duper. I'm just a curious gal :)

Thanks guys! :)

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