Friday, November 14, 2008

Alright, it's time

Considering all the e-mails that swarmed my inbox this past week I can see it's a real concern Gussy didn't have much to post about. I'm sorry friends... I guess I didn't feel there was much to write about. But don't you confuse "write" with "talk" --there is always, always, always a good story to tell. Just ask Zack.


Has anyone noticed the music player at the bottom of my blog? What are your thoughts? Recognize any of the songs... maybe the one called Insomniac? From our wedding reception...? :)

So, to put a stop to all your questions and concerns, I'll give you an update now.

Zack has been busy being an awesome hubby. He put in a side service door in our garage. ALL. BY. HIMSELF! If I had to guess, he is 90% done. We are just too busy of people, alright? Give it time. We also managed to rake the yard one last time before the snow falls. Which, by the way, it's supposed to snow alllllll weekend long :) Hooray. And if Zack is reading this, by "we" I mean "Zack" raked the yard. Just thought I should clarify that now.

But it was just the front section, between the sidewalk and the curb. I'm not really that horrible of a wife. I do put in an immense amount of time cooking, cleaning, laundering our clothes, and keeping track of every single to-do list ever brainstormed. And I do it all smelling lovely.

PS. A shout out to our friend Joel Lane for helping rake the yard a few Sunday's back. Thanks Joel :)

Alright, back to the Whitleys.

Well, I've spent a lot of time sewing. That sure is big news. I will have to post some pictures very, very soon. I can tell your just itching in your seat to sneak a peak. I also expect to sell them on my FAVORITE!!!!!!!!!!! website ever, ETSY! First I finished a small tote that I started in July. Yes, July. It only took me four months. Now, I have a zippered pouch that is SO cute. (!!!) BTW: that took me approximately two hours. It is purple. It has piping. It is floral. It has a zipper. I put in a zipper. Yee-haw. I AM SEWING!!!

Wednesday night we babysat Zack's cousins. It was my first time babysitting with a boy over, so I was a little apprehensive to bring my husband. But it worked out just fine (because it was actually Zack's cousins). We had pizza and read stories and played word games and played hair and played video games and played with a LEGO computer game. And then the kids went to bed at 9:30 and I fell asleep on the couch watching TV. I'm pathetic ;)

***update: I asked Z if we could watch Made of Honor. He raised his eyebrows and said, are you my Princess? But then I feel asleep later. Super bummer :(

Last night in bed Zack was reading and I was trying to sleep. Naturally, ya know. Because I was in bed. Zack was obviously way into his book, because he hardly noticed I was talking until I put my hand on his and pulled it downward so he would have to look at me. And then it started. The questions. I don't even remember what I said last night, I just know God gave me this wonderful, powerful urge to share a few things. I kept going because it's just my character to have lots to say. Gussy.

Zack could hardly get enough words out to ask me to stop. If I remember correctly he just looked at me and I knew instantly that I had said enough. Clearly he wanted to be reading. Instead of listening to his precious bride.

I'm sorry Zack. I know you were trying to read. You do do a wonderful job of talking and listening and asking, Do you want me to rub your back so you can fall asleep?

I am going to a Daisy May & Seth Bernard concert tonight with my friend Clare in Lansing. Then Zack and I are off to my parents for the weekend.

That's all for Gussy.
Have a great weekend :)

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ZWhit said...

good one. (all comments from previous posts have been addressed here.) I love you babe.