Wednesday, November 5, 2008

grocery store = the mall

I cannot believe it's Wednesday night. So much has gone on since I last posted. The hubbs and I went to a Halloween party in Oak Park, and it was super fun. We had great costumes. Actually, as we were getting ready to leave, Zack decided his costume wasn't "complete" and needed a mustache. So, what did I do?

Whipped out the liquid eyeliner to draw on a fat 'stache! You got it!!!
Attempt #1: Zack looked like a drunk french man with the thinnest, curliest mustache in the world.
Attempt #2: Zack looked like a real cowboy! Well, after I made it like 1" thick, of course.

We left for the party, had a great time, and then went to my parents for the day Saturday. However, before I go on to the next week, I must include a few Gussy stories.

What are "Gussy" stories? Remember the title of this blog? Look familiar? Gussy is a nickname my Mom calls me. You see, at my parents house ("Grandma's house" to a few sweet boys I know), Charlotte's Web is a very, very popular movie. It's actually called The Piggy Movie by my nephew, Collin... but that's another story. Some how my mom found some TY Beanie Babies, and she found they had made the characters of Charlotte's Web. And then she picked up the cute little goose, Gussy, read the tag and fell in love.

It reads:
Gussy always, always, always has a lot to say, say, say.


That is so me!

Long story short, that is my nickname.
And it's your favorite Gussy story, huh? ;)

Alright, back to the stories! I was at the grocery store last week and Zack called my cell. He wanted me to pick a little $2 somethin' somethin' up for him "as a surprise." Of course. Then he said he would get me something special and we'd meet back at home. I finished my shopping and headed back to our house. I made this delicious dinner, FYI. Mostacholi with seasoned grilled chicken and pesto/marinara sauce. And steamed veggies. And salad with homemade Ranch dressing. Yummo! Anyways, I'm digressing! I got home and was telling him about my trip to the mall.


I actually referred to THE GROCERY STORE as THE MALL.
AGH I'm so embarrassed, I can't believe I said that. (Is that a Sin? Are you sure?!)
Clearly, I'm not getting out enough.
Clearly, Mom, you have to visit me soon!!! :)
We need a girls day super bad.

Alright, so that was story #1.

Story #2 begins right now:
Fast forward to dinner. Zack comes into the kitchen to pour drinks and then immediately stopped to tell me The Kitchen is now to be called Heaven. Because whatever you make in here must be straight from Heaven. He loved dinner :) I am so glad. And, I'm sure Jesus doesn't mind me "borrowing" the word. Afterall... it is a huge compliment! :) Heaven? At our house? Alright then. OK :)

Fast forward some more.
Time for story #3.
We are getting ready to exchange our $2 somethin' somethin's.
I pull out a pint of Ben & Jerry's Chubby Hubby (Z's favorite).
He has to leave the other room to get my gift.
He tells me to close my eyes.
Eyes are closed.

Then he hands me this really pretty red rose.
And he wrote in it and everything :)

On the front it said "To My Best Friend" and on the inside was a poem. I hope Zack doesn't get embarrassed if his friends are reading this. I'm sorry hubby!

So last week was really great. We had a good time.

Zack's mom called Sunday morning and had some news: Grandpa Price was finally in Heaven. After a few years of fighting Dementia, he let go and Jesus brought him to Heaven.
Monday morning we headed to Petoskey to be with the family, and the funeral was Tuesday morning. We love you Grandpa. Jesus, please take extra care of Grandma. Watch over her. Watch over all who are mourning. Help Grandma to not be lonely without her best friend and husband of 32 years.

Zack's work delivered the most beautiful bouquet of flowers to our home today. I love them :)

And here we are. Wednesday night. I'm so looking forward to Friday. It has been a few very emotionally exhausting days.

Thanks for reading, now get to bed. It's late! :)

PS. I uploaded some new pictures to my Picasa page
Check it!

PSS. I have recently discovered that I have readers from Canada! And Washington D.C.
That is so exciting!!! Actually someone from the U.S. House of Representatives is reading. Hello to you! :)

PSSS. Has anyone started their Christmas list yet? I have :( I hope that is alright. I just want to make sure I put the right things on there. So... what are you asking for this year? Post a comment and let me know!


Joseph Gabriel said...

Great costumes, can see what you mean about the moustache!

Awwww, the rose.....bless.

Zack said...

You are OOC.