Friday, October 31, 2008

A few of my favorite things...

I would like to give a big shout out to my favorite website,

Really Quick: if anyone is giving away free cameras, and randomly has this camera to give away, please contact me! :) I have many beautiful people and things to take a picture of, and need something a little more transportable than my Sony DSLR :) I'll even take it at a discount from the original $149-ish price. OK, thank you!

Alright, back to ETSY. This website is so, so amazing. I share it with everyone I know, and now it's time to post it on here! Everything on the site is handmade, and it's a world-wide opportunity to purchase really neat and beautiful things. You can find candles, purses, clothing, craft supplies, furniture, picture frames, ANYTHING here! I bought a purse from this seller, all the way from Cape Town, Africa. Check out the site to learn more. And become a believer in online-craft purchasing :)

A few of my favorite things...

Aren't these earrings adorable? I love them so, so much. They are $14. You can find them here. If for some reason they have been sold, then the page will be "unavailable," but you should be able to see the seller's shop page, and hopefully pick out something else you will love.

This Punky Brewseter necklace is $36. Just think of all the outfits you could coordinate this with. And also how beautiful you'll be when you wear it to work. Very unique. My opinion: it's very much worth the $36.

As a girl who loves chapstick (I see you, Bonnie Bell), this little wool bowl is so perfect. If only I had this when I was nine. Or seventeen. Or today! Then I wouldn't have lost so many tasty chapsticks. I think everyone would have been happier. Well, it's not too late. Dear Husband, maybe you could fit this inside my stocking? It's worth the $15.

OK, do I even have to write anything about this item? This vase would be perfect in my living room. And for only $25 it can be purchased from Wisconsin. Maybe they'll include a free wedge of cheese... mmmm. Don't worry, I already convo'd the seller, and it WILL stand alone on a table (the bottom looks a little uneven, doesn't it?!).

Last, but of course the most special, this purse. I love it for all that it's worth, which is $83. Yikes. Remember Z, when you are comtenplating purchasing this for me: I take lovely care of my purses. I keep them all very clean, I showcase them around our house like they are art when not being used. I even slept with my Coach handbag it's first night with us. Granted it was during our Honeymoon... but... I still cherised it, didn't I?!?! *Also, this bag is from Switzerland, and I know it will great to add it to my other bag that I bought from Africa. C'mon, let's get a little International!

And now a tribute to my Coach purse:
Thank you Z for buying it for my birthday :)

Such a happy girl on our Honeymoon:

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