Thursday, October 30, 2008

Don't hold your breath

A couple days ago I had the golden opportunity to talk to my nephew, Collin, who is a talker, talker, talker! He called me and as soon as I said Hello? he started at it. To be honest, he carried most of the conversation himself. We talked about spiders, cake, and a lot of other things I couldn't understand. Then mid sentence he said, I want to talk to Uncle Pony. Where IS he?

Actually, he's right here, entering the house as we speak, because Zack never leaves my side and is always around when I (or Collin) need him. So then Zack listened to Collin talk, talk, talk :)

For some reason I thought Zack liked to only talk on the phone to ME... Uhh, guess not.

I can tell he loves being an uncle because he is smiling the entire time they are on the phone. We are going to have great conversations, me and Collin :) As soon as he lets me answer back.

Something else that is important to mention: there are some sad things going on with a couple Grandpa's right now. If you could just pray for their families in Michigan and Oregon, that would be really special. I know Jesus saves and has great plans for all of us... That is what we must remember and believe the most.

Last night, Zack took me out on a date. Except it was one of those late-night dates and it may or may not have included me wearing workout pants, a thermal shirt, boots, and... and... no makeup. Sorry Zack! Yesterday was so busy, Zack worked late and wasn't sure exactly when he'd be home, and then I was doing my workouts once he finally arrived back at our nest. So we didn't eat dinner until approximately 10pm. Whoopsy. We were at Qdoba... mmmm delish!, and God gave me the most perfect opportunity for a chuckle. Zack was saying how good his burrito was, except he thought there were too many beans.

"So next time ask for less."

The opportunity came at me fast,
"But sometimes I like a lot of beans."

"You are acting like a girl."

Ahhh, it was so amazing. Every day, and I mean every day, something happens where I kind of freak out because I can't have complete control over the situation. Like with our Halloween costumes (that is a story for another paragraph). I need details; I LOVE details! I also need time to plan. Some times I like it this way, and other days I like it that way. And naturally I expect Zack to know instantaneously what I want, without pausing. So yesterday, with pure joy, I smiled because Zack finally realized how difficult it is to be a woman. YES!

Speaking of women, I joined Weight Watchers at work just now. It is going to be amazing. The Rep is really awesome and had such encouraging words for me. I'm pumped for the 12 weeks to be up so I can be proud of my accomplishments :)

What else is there to share?

Zack had me wake him up this morning at 6:30 so we could get ready and spend time with me.
Awe :) I love him.

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