Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Because I am "The Bride" and I loved getting married so, so, so, so much, today's post is a tribute to our wedding and everyone involved in it. :)

The day I married Zack was an incredible day. We were married on June 7th at my home church. We had the traditional, "let's not see each other until I walk down the aisle" wedding. It was perfect... perfect because God was a part of it all. My childhood pastor, Rev. John Stieve, married us :) He said the most amazing thing during the message; I'll never forget it.

Your wedding date is June 7th, 2008. That is 6, 7, 8.
What do you get when you add up those numbers?

Two become One.

nd here we are, Mr. and Mrs. Zackary Whitley:

This is my Mom's favorite picture :)

My Mom did a lot of wonderful things to help us plan the wedding. One thing she was in charge of was THE CAKE. Oh man, she did a great job. I think aside from his Bride, Zack loved the cake the most. Countless times Zack's told me how much he loved our wedding day, and that just makes my heart flutter. (He remembers things about the day --details, it's really awesome.)

We are so excited!!!!! WE ARE MARRIED!!!!! After four and a half years of dating, we never have to part. For those of you who know us "from the beginning," we spent a lot of time apart during the summers and over breaks from college. It was absolutely worth it. I mean, look at my hubby! How can anyone not love that smile! :D Every morning he wakes up, looks at me and says, Good morning Princess. I love you.
Another fun fact: if I ever get mad or upset, or sassy (occasionally this happens), Zack just looks at me and smiles.
I'm serious.
Then he says, what's wrong? Please don't be ____. Look, I'm smiling Does that help?

Marriage is great!

My family: Mom, Nicole (sis-in-law), my bro, Bride & Groom, and my Dad--

My new family: Craig, Groom & Bride, Cindy, and Tiffany--

Our Fabulously Fun wedding party:
L to R-- Lisa Nelson, Clare Benson, Nicole Helak, Taylor Ward, Tiffany Whitley, Andriana Vincent, Jessica Metcalf (MOH), BRIDE, GROOM, Chase Wiseman (BM), Matt Helak, Jake Goforth, Greg Holland, Brenton Dalgliesh, Ryan Johnson, and B.J. Wirgau--

Such sweet, lovely friends :)

Hannah is my cousin and was my flower girl. She is very special to our family :)

Exchanging our wedding rings;
I bind myself to you, now and forever

You ROCK Zack! I'm so glad you're "The One!" for me. Because remember everything about our wedding day, I decided we're going to get re-married every year on our anniversary.

Does anyone have a problem with that?
No? OK, perfect :)
See you for rehearsal ;)

Have I mentioned I loved getting married??? :)
all photos courtesy Mandy Gould

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Maggie Whitley said...

You rock kiddo.
I'm pumped to be your husband. After all, You're making us a delicious meal right now, what is there to complain about?

Keep on bloggin' baby