Friday, October 24, 2008


It is Friday and I am SO glad! For some reason this week was particularly tiring. I have no clue why. I worked every day...? Well, never mind, I did work every day. Zack took a day off this week because he was sick, and last week I took a day off. Not only do I spend 8.5 hours at work, daily, but I also spend roughly 1.04 hours commuting because of traffic. And also because I still don't know my way around town to know if this Target is closer or if this one is. Same goes for the grocery store and bank. I feel like I spend a lot of unnecessary time driving.

I had a bit of a rough start this morning. I blame it on not wanting to get out of bed so I was almost late for work. Yeah, not my fault. But I fixed it by having a hand full of Combos for breakfast. With some Vitamin water. See, balance :)

Yesterday morning was quite adventurous. First, I got out of the shower scared because I thought someone was in our house. Zack was sound asleep and here I am dripping wet and scared. Poor thing had to wake up to me screaming at him to fight off "the attacker." He must have been so confused :( Well, we realized it was just our neighbor Betty getting out of her car (at 6:19 a.m.?) and then going into her house. I swear it sounded just like someone was pulling our blinds open and crawling through the window. Turns out it was just her squeaky door. OK. Glad that was nothing. But I still wasn't satisfied. I took a little walk around the inside of our house... and guess what I found... a window with a 2" gap from when we took out the air conditioner about a month ago. Yeah. So THAT is why I have been "freezing cold and so uncomfortable" these last few weeks. Humph.

:) Mystery solved.

We have some fun plans for this weekend. Made by "The Planner" herself :)
Right now I can't get out of my head how wonderful and warm it's going to be tonight when I can get in bed again.

Did you know it's supposed to snow here Monday and Tuesday?
Good thing that window is closed!

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