Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dear Bonnie Bell...

Ya know, it's a good thing it's getting cooler out, because right now that means one thing: craft season!!! Now that summer has passed and I can't spend meaningless hours tanning myself outside... Not that I had time for that this year because I, ummm, had to work full-time all summer for the first time ever. (But I'm only 23 so don't give me your glares yet.) Anyways... I started my first "craft" over the summer. Zack kept asking, Why do you need to buy more fabrics Maggs? You already have one project you're working on. And it's not even done!

Well, yeah, but it's also a PURSE, my Hubby, so it's not really a craft.

I made a little pact with myself (privately) that I would finish this purse by Friday night! I am so close to being done... I have maybe six more hours... I can squeeze that in, right? :) Then I'll be even closer to selling it and making some money.

I have to remember that Zack didn't know me until college. So, what he has been left out of all these years that me starting something and not finishing it right away isn't unusual. Another thing that isn't unusual: starting a project the night before it's due. I'm sorry Dad, for all those late school nights! :(

Memories are the best thing ever. When I think of what I used to collect as a kid, one (long) word comes to mind: Bonnie Bell Lip Smacker Chapsticks <3 style="text-decoration: underline;">

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