Tuesday, October 21, 2008

my poochie

In case anyone was wondering... if anyone has been checking our Facebook accounts... YES, we are looking for a puppy. Of course we have to ask the owners of the house we are renting... and we have to come up with some money, and we need to decide on what kind of puppy to get. BUT nonetheless, we are looking for a little pooch. I'm so excited :) Our friends Joel & Megan have a little doggie and he is so precious. Since we share so many other similarities ---friends, address, church, work place, hairstyles, marriage, lack of money, lol...

That is all I'm asking Santa for this year.

Well, maybe a puppy and a new purse.
I'm undecided...

This is their Magglio, he is a cockapoo and is about 5 months old :)

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