Monday, December 8, 2008

no title, too early to be creative

Over the weekend there was just this small, tiny, almost insignificant (but I have to post it or it's not fair) event that occurred. Zack and I were talking, and my mom happened to overhear, and this is a little recap. Please enjoy my mom's "Life Lesson." I will remember it always :)

Maggie: See Zack, if you could just remember that I suggested that in the first place... if we could just have a moment to remember that.
Zack: Umm, I know.
Maggie: Well...
My mom: Maggie, you don't need to say that to Zack. Some times it's OK to just be right in our hearts and not share those facts out loud. Be nice.

PS. I don't know why the type is so large. When I change it smaller it doesn't post that way. Maybe my blog thinks we are all going blind?!?!

Ahhhh... Monday morning...

Hello, Sunshine!

Can I have another cup of coffee? With two prepackaged cups of French Vanilla creamer? Stir it up... ditch the stir stick. Enjoy :) I know this may hard to believe, but I looooooooove to sleep. Or just be in my bed with flannel sheets and my pajamas on. It is so, so, so, so, so, so wonderful. So every morning (seriously), I hit snooze about 82 times. Thankfully Zack never hears the alarm long enough because I can tap that Snooze button so fast... he really has no clue. (I have to be the one to shut off the alarm because if I don't, and I let Zack do it, it will play music for approximately 12 minutes before he realizes it's even on). Back to the story. OK. So I was told this morning by the hubby that he was going to make a device that is similar to a baby crib. When the alarm goes off in the morning and I get out of bed, a bar will pop up to prevent me from getting back in bed.

Personally, I think that is the worst idea ever. So cruel and the princess was saddened immediately :(

My vote is I just get up when the alarm goes off the first time. I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow... so stay tuned ;)

Saturday, Zack and I celebrated 6 months of marriage. We started by going to the salon together for a quick bang trim, then we ran some errands, and then we went to one of our favorite restaurants: Olive Garden. Zack ordered his fav: Braised Beef & Tortelloni and I tried the *new* Chicken Carbonara. It was DELISH. I brought home left overs and celebrated all over again last night :) We were drooling the entire time we were at the restaurant. I hope no one noticed. But if they did, thanks for not saying anything or making a scene. We don't like scenes. Just want to eat our food. Speaking of eating, I don't think I said one word on our entire date. I mean, we were at Olive Garden, and I was eating some pretty amazing Italian food :) After lunch we headed to the mall. Had my ring cleaned at Helzberg, then did some Christmas shopping. All I know is we breaked for like 3 minutes and Zack had already purchased $60 of gifts for me. I'm smiling... haha :)

DID YOU KNOW: 16 days until Christmas!!!

I have just a itty-bitty bit of shopping to do. I keep forgetting to buy gift tag stickers for the presents under the tree. Something very cool about Christmas is getting very, very excited for when I find gifts that I know my family will love. I ordered a few more presents last night... Still waiting for the postman to deliver a few more to our door step... It is going to be very wonderful :)

Do you have a nativity set? Last year my mom bought me the Willow Tree Nativity 6-piece set and matching creche. I set it up last night. It is so beautiful!!!!!!! I love it :) And all other Willow tree figurines.

My parents gave us this the night we were engaged (July 3, 2006)
For those who have found their true partner in love and life.

I also love this one:

And someday this figurine will be perfect:
Awaiting a Miracle

I'm pretty sure the weather witch recited a little poem before we took off for our drive home yesterday. We had great weather last night. Thank you, thank you, thank you. And thank you for the snow on the ground that is still here today and didn't melt at all, not even one single snow flake :) So once the car was unpacked from our weekend trip, Zack noticed a little basket on the kitchen table that my mom gave me. He took one look at it and said Is this your Grandma Hunt basket?!?!

Oh, it was just perfect!!! :)

But in case you were wondering, it is my Grandma basket ;)

Goals for the day:
  1. Buy laundry detergent so I can allow the washing machine to Do it's Thang
  2. Go to the post office
  3. Take pictures of my new Etsy projects that are like, weeks old
  4. Work on Christmas cards
OK, bye bye :)
Happy Monday!


ZWhit said...

I'm leaving a post. And loving you.


Good job Maggs.

daniella said...

I used to think those Willow Tree figurines were the silliest looking things. Then I got the "cherish" one for my baby shower and now I'm hooked. LOVE them!

You'll be a good mama one day.

Maggie Whitley said...

Thanks Daniella :)
I'm pretty excited for that "some day."