Saturday, December 6, 2008

bangs + knitting + tree decorating

Just a quick update while out-of-town...

My bangs have been cut! They are SO, SO CUTE!!! Zack gave me the ole' jaw drop when he first saw my new 'do. It was awesome. I'll post a picture soon.

I'm having lots of fun being back in town. There is so much snow here (compared to home) and it is really nice. Very festive for Christmas :)

I got to see my very best girl friend last night... Work parties ROCK!

I'm also doing some knitting. Hopefully I'll settle down and stop adding in some of my own techniques to the kitting "process" --- it's quite the mystery some of the things I come up with. Keeps my mom on the edge, for sure ;) I hope to be able to add to my Etsy page shortly. Once I can follow directions consistently... haha.

We are decorating the tree at my parents tonight... YAY...
Have a great weekend!

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ZWhit said...

I love your posts.