Tuesday, December 9, 2008

E-T-S-Y, what does that spell??? It spells F-U-N!

In order to continue shouting my love for Etsy, it is time to have another showcase. You might remember from this post that I listed some favorite items. Well, some have been sold, some are still available. But there are LOTS more to be loved. So here we go... get ready to drool ;D

PS. I would love to have the job where I find color-coordinating things to showcase in a magazine. You know what I'm talking about? When Marie Clare does a special on "the hottest blue eye shadows," or "trendy gadgets for back-to-school," or even " the best sunglasses to showcase at the beach." I would love to research and write about those things. I heart research.

  • As you may or may not recall, I L-O-V-E chap stick. Burt's Bee is a favorite, but most any brand (of quality) will do. To coordinate with this wintry season, why not purchase a Chap stick Cozy for your keyring? How CUTE is this?!?!?! Then you can take it everywhere, be in style, AND... be in style! So cute. I love the look of something knitted or crocheted. Be in style for a mere $5.

  • Continuing the "knitted" theme, how about this Cowl? Knitted by seller HappiKnits (such a cute name, BTW)... I'm trying not to covet thy neighbor by jealously wishing I had one for myself. I can overcome it!!! I have a lovely scarf my mommy knitted me and it's by far my favorite scarf. Ever, ever made. This beaut is $62.

  • Some of my friends have recently found out they're pregnant! YAY--- now I have an excuse to look at baby things!!! Don't you just love this little outfit? The perfect dress to greet you at the door. I love the colors... AND it's reversible! Just in case she has a spill ;) The price is $39.

  • "Citrine and Amber flower drop" earrings, beautiful! I like the colors and the design, they almost make you feel warm (very important during the winter season). The price is $17. Not too bad ;)

  • This Etsy artist, SarahJaneStudios, does all sorts of illustrating that replicates childhood. She lives in Utah, a little factoid ;) This item is an 8x10 print drawn on paper with charcoal, then digitally colored. You can make it yours for $24. Just pennies ;)

  • You can also order party invitations from SarahJaneStudios. The set includes 10 invites, envelopes, and sticker seals, all for $20. Pretty good deal, considering they are "homemade."

  • This is a vase thrown on a pottery wheel by Etsy artist marymeestudio. The soft and creamy pale yellow glaze draws my attentio. Does it draw yours? It can come home to you for $32 + shipping ($11.10, no joke on the ten cents!) I think it is beaufiful; crafted with such detail. Some day when I have a larger house I'd like to start a vase/tea pot collection :)

  • I love this Juice Pomegranite Teapot!!!!!!!!!!!! It will match perfectly with my collection. The one I'm starting in a few years ;) Price: $128.

The End :)

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Becca said...

Awww thanks for including my cowl :) Great blog, good luck with the sewing machine- Hubby bought me a needlefelting machine this year after much begging on my part!