Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snow, is that you? Are you really here?

Last night, it was if the LORD heard my cry for a snow-filled evening. Because it came, and it came down with a ~DASH of SASS~! This is truly a wonderful event. I have been waiting for another day of snow, and I believe Ferndale, MI is ALMOST at five days now. Yeah... I think the city has been a little wimpy. Compared to Grand Rapids and Petoskey, where Zack and I are from. I'm sure we have high expectations, but... I mean... if it can be 18 degrees outside when we wake up, IT CAN SNOW TOO gosh darn it!!!!!!!

We had almost 5 inches fall. Hallelujah. AND, if anyone is interested or curious or just plain dying to know... our wreath is still hanging proud on our lovely red front door. Hangin' with pride, baby.


So this morning, although I was just the sleepiest Princess ever, I woke up in a great mood.
(Only because it had snowed the night before, FYI).

WHY? you ask

Well, because I woke up to the sound of a snow blower that was just OH SO LOUD, but also in our driveway. And since my hubby was still asleep, I knew it wasn't him, and then I got my act together really, really fast and did some quick calculations --at lightening speed-- and realized who it was!

Are you ready to find out???

The mystery snow-blower man has been revealed, my friends.

It is our NEIGHBOR!!! Eddie!!! :)

That sweet man did our driveway, our front walk, our sidewalk... and (!!!) when we were leaving for work I saw him at the end of the street. He obviously did a big loop around the block. I'm going to bake them some sugar cookies. I got a 100-piece cookie cutter set from one of my bridal showers, so I'm going to put that to good use. Maybe you could help me figure out which holiday or festive cutter I should use? Gussy could use some aid this morning.

I wonder if anyone would notice if I used cookie cutters that are out of season... ? ;)

That was just so nice of him to come by not only our house, but come by the whole block. I guess Zack and I underestimated the kindness of Ferndale when we were looking to move to the area. I mean, on EVERY lamp post throughout downtown are banners that say FUN, FASHIONABLE, FABULOUS, FRIENDLY, FERNDALE!

Who were they kidding?!
I'm sorry Ferndale, for not believing.

But I believe now! I believe in you! :)

Ferndale Facts:
  • 30% of the population is between ages 20 and 34
  • 17.2% of the population have a 4-year degree
  • approximately 21,000 people live here

And now, two pictures for your viewing pleasure:

PS. I realized the second picture could be a little scary... but rest assured that the man in the tower is FAKE, and only there to scare those who are new to the area so they slow down. Like me back in September. I was a little scared.

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