Wednesday, December 17, 2008

you won't believe it until you see it

A while ago, pretty much around the time we got married (June 7, 2008), Zack decided he didn't understand the purpose of "decorations." Or "pretties." Which basically translated into, I don't know why you spend all your time, your energy and our money into making our home so beautiful and creatively designed... But thank you because it IS so beautiful and creatively designed.

No, I am kidding myself. He certainly did not say those last two sentences. But I assure you... he doesn't get the "decoration" thing. Now I know he grew up in a home that didn't have a candle closet, unlike my childhood home, but his mom also has a nice sense of style so this shouldn't even be a wonder. But that is not the topic of this post. (Don't get off track, Gussy.)

We were at Pier 1 over the summer because we had a gift card to spend. I thought, This will be an easy thing. In and out. I'll be happy; Zack will be happy. The world WILL spin round today.

Umm, no.

Just about everything we looked at was huffed and puffed at. I'm sorry beautiful decorations at Pier 1 that my husband was mean to. We only looked at "home decor" because we have all our dishes... and we just had like $30 to spend. Certainly we weren't going to bring home that adorable summer lounge for $250. Nevah!

So we looked at some vases...

I kept pointing out that they were cute because I was going for that "if you repeat something enough times maybe it will become a permanent thought" thing. No. Every time I held up a vase Zack said, why do we need that? It's a decoration. What do you do with it? It's too small for flowers...

:( I thought we are here for "home decor."
Next time we are at Home Depot I guess I will repeat this scenario...

Noooooo, I wouldn't do that! Because I wouldn't ever GO to Home Depot :) silly

So anyways, we didn't buy the vases... we "compromised" and bought some pillows that had AWESOME (!!!) fabric so I could turn them into a craft project. Some day my Etsy site will have them. So exciting.

So back to my Gussy story. Zack just couldn't wrap his advertising brain around some decorative vases. Recently, he noticed that we have some "decorations" in the bathroom... While I'm not sure how we went almost six months with him not realizing this, I AM thankful I had six months.

Because as I mentioned earlier, Zack doesn't want just a decoration. He want it to have purpose. So he turned my pretty little pink vase into his toothbrush holder.

Don't believe me?
It's true.

Have a looky yourself:

Does anyone else notice our toothbrushes are facing away from each other? I think mine is mad at his...

Every night after he's brushed his teeth I switch his toothbrush to the TOOTHBRUSH HOLDER (because that's its purpose, unlike the vase, which has a purpose to hold flowers. Or be a part of the "home decor" category. Whichever the WIFE chooses). I'm sure by now my secret is out, but it was well worth it.

At least once a week my hubby does something hilarious. If I can have any say, I vote he keeps his eyes on the garage (THE MAN CAVE) and I'll keep mine on the house (THE PRINCESS PALACE).

Love you honey... remember Santa is watching ;)

On a lighter topic ;), Zack put up our Christmas lights. THEY'RE UP AND RUNNING FOLKS, check them out:

PS. See our wreath??? Yes, it's still there!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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