Friday, December 19, 2008

this post has hardly any point. really.


Last night, two things happened:
  1. I sewed for approximately 3.5 hours :)
  2. I had a strong urge to visit Jo-Ann Fabric & Crafts so I could stroll their aisles

Zack took off to hang with some buds. He shut the back door and almost instantaneously I had transformed our kitchen into my personal sewing room :) I work mighty fast...

Ahhh, it was so much fun! :)
I decided last night I would just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to have a special area in our house just for my sewing stuff. Maybe we can figure out a corner in our office??? Please Pony?

I had some "things" to take care of. I hadn't used the sewing machine in probably 3-4 weeks, so I was feeling a little rusty. And it was getting a little dusty ;)

At first I was just going to make one thing from my list, but once I got started I couldn't turn back. I have this bucket full of fabrics, thread, zippers, buttons... I brought that out, set up the sewing machine on the kitchen table, turned on some Christmas music :) And then it was like Jo-Ann Fabrics, except at our home ;)

I was on a sewing streak!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope I can do some more this weekend... I hardly used ANY pins while working... I'm getting my own style figured out and everything looks so beautiful. I have come really far since my first project a few months ago. I set up my work in our living room when Zack got home last night... he was so impressed ;)
See Dear, my projects are coming to life.
He is very proud :)

I'll post some pictures over the weekend.

I'd really love to get some more fabric at Jo-Ann's soon... I'll have to check their flier to see if they have any sales.

My Dream Sewing Room:

Perfectly organized, cute little storage baskets, TWO sewing machines, and adorable patterned green curtains :)

PS. Last night, before Z took off, we were at our computers and Zack was trying to type something. I kept interrupting him (completely on accident) because I had little things to say here and there. I guess I wasn't looking to see if he was busy. I finally had his attention... He looked at me for a SPLIT second and that was all I needed. Gussy came at him at full force :( I'm sorry Zack... he he, but you know I love to tell you stories. I just needed a tiny window of attention... so thank you for giving me that last night.

It made my corners turn up :)

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