Friday, December 19, 2008

~i heart sewing~

I can't get enough. I would like to be in "time out" except instead of standing in the corner I'd like to be in the kitchen with my parent's sewing machine :) Maybe Santa will bring me one for Christmas? Maybe not. Maybe I'll just save my change and buy my own :) Ohhhh, that sounds nice. Here are some pictures of my dream sewing/craft room:

This is an adorable little clutch. Do you like it?:

Now, don't freak out when I show you these next pictures. They range from "tolerable" to "out-of-control." When I did a search for "sewing machine" on CompFight, this image came up:

Then I thought, I wonder what searching for "sewing tattoo's" would bring? And then I found this:

THEN, I decided to search a little further. I found this, but wished I had stopped at my first sewing tat. Don't hold your breath...


Don't worry mom (or Zack), I won't be getting any more. One is enough :P


ZWhit said...


.Becca. said...

Man, don't even get me started on those dream craft rooms.

Mine are here:

and my personal fave, here:


That last sewing tat is pretty hard core. Ack!