Saturday, December 27, 2008

yeah, I'm back!

I know it has been a few days since I've posted, so I apologize to my faithful readers for letting you down :( I'm sorry :( I have had such a busy and fun Christmas break with my family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Would'ya look at all those explanation points (!!!). I really, really have had a fun time. I guess you could say I've been a little busy talking to my mom (the other Gussy), sleeping in with my hubby, traveling to visit family, celebrating the SEASON on Thursday ;o) ... that type of thing.

Zack and I went out yesterday with my childhood bestie, A., and her man. We had dinner at the country club that our rehearsal dinner was held at, then went to see Four Christmases. Wasn't THAT great... but it was super fun to laugh constantly with A. sitting next to me. I think only we were given "the look" five times. It was so wonderful to be with A. I don't know many people where we now live, and finding someone to befriend is hard. It is especially hard when I miss people like A. who I have known for seriously half my life. Almost 12 years. She is a great friend :)

My parents gave me a gift card to Jo-Ann's for Christmas and let me tell ya... it's burning a hole in my purple wallet. Well, since I just took a trip to Jo-Ann's before Christmas, I think I'm "GOOD" for a bit, but... I still want to go and just Browse. Ya know, see what my options are.

Do you like that I initial capped the "b"?

It is SO necessary.

Browsing is a very, very important concept to shopping.

That's all I have to type about that (!).

So I think I'm about to wrap up my evening. I enjoy reading my friends blogs, and learning more and more about things like knitting, sewing, and being a better Christmas woman through other blogs I've found. The internet is a great resource ;o)

I hope your Christmas was pure bliss :)

PS. If you wanted to share my Etsy site with just... oh... three people, that would be so kind of you. I'm trying to increase my sales...

PSS. I suppose some of you want to see some new things on there... well, how about this. I'll add a new purse early January (honest) and you tell three people about my website. Deal? Thanks! ;o)

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