Monday, January 26, 2009

{I freaked over my sun-deprived plants}

This weekend was pretty busy. I mean, it was filled with so many social plans that I actually told Zack last night, I'm a little tired of talking. I'm going to sew for a bit.

Must have been some weekend, you're thinking.

Yeah. It was!

We spent Friday night driving to Lansing to pick up my car. I can't remember what we did once we got home, but I do know it was roughly 11:30 p.m. and all I said about the trip before we left was, Good thing we are going tonight. Because I am NOT doing this on Saturday. No way.

Might as well get all the boring things done first. Then we can play all weekend long without any interruptions :)

Saturday was so perfect. Not only did we sleep in, but I started my day by frantically getting out of bed because I was worried about my plants. It was almost 11 a.m. and the drapes were still closed. I was feeling a little guilty about that. Alright, so the start to my lazy Saturday wasn't "perfect," but once those drapes were opened you know the tension had cleared. I also spent some time organizing {which I love to do!}. Then... :) Zack and I went on a little impromptu date to downtown Royal Oak. We went to Haberman's Fabric {for me}. We went to Game Stop {for Zack}. We had dinner at Noodles & Co. So delish, BTW. Then, as the perfected close to a perfect date, we enjoyed a Turtle Mocha at Caribou Coffee ;)

So lovely.

Our friends, Joel and Megan, came over later that night to play a game of Clue. Also, Megan really wanted another chocolate malt. Like really bad ;) It's quite possible that is the only reason she came over. Halfway through the game we realized some RULES that would have helped to solve the crime a bit faster, but... oh well! Zack thought he knew who did what, but really Joel was on top of things and ended up winning the game.

I also did a few things productive, aside from organizing, that I'd like to share. While I was doing laundry I decided it would be fun to tell Zack the truth about my strong commitment to freshly laundered clothing.

I said, I love doing laundry. I love the way it smells. I love it doesn't take too much of my time. I love measuring the soap {I am so weird!}.

Zack replied with: Had I known that, we would have gotten married a year ago.
Then he winked at me, which was probably a great life-saving decision on his part.

Good to know Zack puts such high priority on clean laundry. I wonder what I could say tonight that would make Zack confess, Had I known that, I would have ______ a year ago. This could get interesting.

This brings us to Sunday.

We tried out a new church in Royal Oak. We want something that is close to our house so we can easily get involved. We weren't that impressed with it, but did decide to give it another shot. One thing we both liked was their worship music. The message was really good, too. After church we drove to Farmington Hills to visit some family. We then spent the next six hours eating, talking and playing pool.


I'm working on a really cool bag right now. I just finished hand sewing the lining in. I need to figure out what type of strap I'm going to put on it and how I'll have the bag close. I'm thinking either a tie- or snap-closure.

Here's a sneak-peak for you:

Oh yeah, I also got a haircut last Tuesday :)

Any suggestions on where I can "advertise" my Etsy site? Maybe you have a blog and you'd like to have a side banner like the one shown here? {It's on the right side...} I am willing to share the HTML code. This can totally be arranged, so let me know :)

PS. The Bachelor is on tonight... Most likely there won't be any sewing this evening. This Gussy has priorities.

And with that, I'm out of words to share :)

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Child of God said...

Hey...I have a blog if you want get me that code I can do that!!