Saturday, January 24, 2009

{their grand appearance!}

Gosh, I sure hope no one thought I was being rude when I said Zack doesn't like my coasters. And he wasn't being rude either! We just had a 'lil difference of opinion.

Just wanted to get that off my chest.


Here is the table cloth I made for our living room/parlor/family room/whatever you call this room in your house. The great thing about sewing is I'm always learning and realizing new things about the process. 


Here is a pretty little number that is ready for purchase on my Etsy site. It's made out of a really beautiful mustard-yellow acrylic yarn. It's a mini-table runner. I love it because it adds instant color to your room {especially OUR living room}. I might have to make another one just to keep! :) Click here to find it on my site.

And below is my set of coasters. Poor things. They've had some harsh criticism lately ;) I love them though... What do you think? Ugly? OK? Pretty? Just Meh? You can find them on my Etsy site by clicking here.


Thank you for reading my blog. And thank you for your comments :)
They are always welcome and appreciated.


Megs said...

ooo, they're so elegant. i guess zack's taste just isn't refined enough. everything new thing you sew makes me want to learn to sew even more!!

ZWhit said...

LoL. Good posts maggs.
Megs... I don't know about you.