Friday, January 23, 2009

{he doesn't like my coasters}

I should be honest. I had another rearranging moment. Well, it was more like a redec moment.

I changed my Etsy shop. Again. {I have to link it this time because someone told me, I can't find your page because it isn't LINKED!}

Ugghhhhh ;)

Check it:

What do you think?!?!

Last night I decided it was time to sew. No more putting it aside. I made this really, really cute table cloth for an end table in our living room. Actually, it's the only room in our house aside from the BEDroom, BATHroom, KITCHENroom, OFFICE/SEWINGroom. There is no Parlor {like at my parents}, Den, Family Room {although I could start calling it this...} :) So this table cloth... It's so adorable. It has a really cute linen/blue/green bird pattern on the front. The backside is lined with solid linen. I think I'm going to make something to cover our T.V. stand. We have a lot of brown in our living room, and not everything matches -- or is made out of the same -brown- material, ha ha.

Once the table cloth was made I decided to finish a project I had started over the weekend. I was making some coasters, but since it was my first time and I didn't have a pattern to work from, I ran into some issues. Things weren't cut and ironed right, so they were sewn on crooked. I decided to buy some new materials. Instead of using some fabric, I used fancy cloth ribbon. It is beautiful :) So last night I finished the coasters. I ended up with a tiny issue once all the sewing was done, but I figured a way to fix it. And make it look cool. However... I was the only one in our house that thought they looked cool! ;).

{I'm serious!}

That's alright though. I love them, and maybe the next set I make will get the thumbs up from Z.

Remember that?

Maybe next time...

What do you guys think of this fabric? What should I make with it? Should I even buy some?


. Becca . said...

I LOVE that fabric. I've admired that before. Two thumbs up! :) Love the new look, and new etsy shop too! Cute!

Megs said...

i want to see all the things you made last night you crazy sewing lady. i am sure that I will love your coasters ;) i need to learn how to sew from you one of these days.. although you are probably sick of teaching me things!! thanks mom, for everything :)

regarding that super cute fabric - i think it would look lovely on a zippered pouch. if i think of anything else more original, i'll let you know. it would make a good makeup bag.