Thursday, January 22, 2009

{time for a change}

I decided it was time to update the banner on my Etsy site.
{I figured this time I'll leave the hyperlink out... if you are a reader, you know how to get to my Etsy site! :)}

Here is a tiny preview:

PS. The banner is the page design at the TOP of my Etsy site.

Do you like it?

Maybe you're wondering why I updated the banner. Maybe you have no desire to know.
Maybe you are just about falling off your chair in curiosity.

If that last guess is RIGHT ON, sit back and get a hold of yourself. I'll tell you.


For my mom, this is noooooooooooo surprise ;)

I'm often told that as a young girl, and by young I think I mean age 2, I would rearrange my bedroom furniture. My mom would come into my bedroom to get me from my nap and my crib wouldn't be in the same place anymore. Nor was my dresser {I think that is a big, fat FIB! How can a two-year-old move a dresser?!?!}

If only I was born into the era of VIDEO baby monitors. Then maybe I'd have some hard proof of this stuff :) I think it's safe to say the main "childproofing" device used back in 1985 was a lovely, hard plastic door-knob thing. I think Safety 1st refers to it as a Grip 'n Twist Door Knob Cover. Also known as, Your daughter will rearrange her bedroom because she's little and you will think she's sleeping. And it comes in a four-pack.

Only the LORD knows whether I would have rearranged the entire house had my parents not used that thing. It's possible.

One question I do have is HOW could this all happen? Didn't I make some noise? Was I not small enough at age 2? I mean, I'm like 5'4" now... I'm a little wifey. You know at age two I was small with chubby legs. And blonde pig tails. And light pink and cream striped outfits. {I've seen pictures!}

Anyways. That is the long story on why I changed the banner. I like to keep people on their toes with the redecor. Speaking of that... I think I just thought of something very exciting.

It has to do with pretty, high-fashion candles.

I currently have a candle drawer, but I can see that in time {like the near future, possibly} that might NOT be enough room. My mom has a candle closet and that is what I keep referring my drawer as. But there is no mistaking the two. BUT! I think I can officially use the word closet because tonight when I get home I'm going to put my candles in this baby.

Do you see our OLD couch in the mirror??? :)
I must add, my decorating skills have improved greatly since I have become a wife. Which happened like 7.5 months ago.

The top of this cabinet is now decorated like this:

That's a closet, right?!?! ;)
Fine. A cabinet?
Whatever you choose to call it, it's a step in the right direction.

I better get home and take care of that. I have lots of candles to move.
See Z, we just upgraded to a new level of house coolness.

And this time, you didn't even have to do ANY of the following to make some space:
  • put a nail in the wall
  • move things to the attic
  • build a workbench in the garage
  • hang a collage of pictures {I usually do that when he's not home!}
  • condense your closet/video game spot/cabinet shelf in the bathroom OR anything else for that matter
But most importantly, we didn't have to BUY anything. See, this is a wonderful thing.
Z, don't you just LOVE my candle collection?

So, What kinds of things do YOU like to rearrange?


Staci said...

id like to rearrange my life....say my bank accounts..closets. LOL Im like you, i change my blog design VERY thinkin it needs a new look again...anyway you are good at banners!! Great job!!

ZWhit said...

You are ten kinds of cute. Good idea with the candles. And I seriously LoLed at the four pack comment.

Cool new look.