Saturday, January 31, 2009

{Thank you Jesus!}

It's time for a praise report!!!! :)

I just spent probably 7 hours sewing tonight. I finished three projects and started two {ran out of materials}. I was getting ready to put everything away but decided before I put my computer to sleep I would re-list an item on Etsy. This is what I re-listed:

However, I contemplated whether I should list it because it was pretty late {like 11 p.m.}. I thought, what the heck could it hurt? So I did...

Not ten minutes later and I had an e-mail saying it had SOLD! Ahhh, this is so wonderful. Before the devil could put anymore darkness into my day our LORD made Himself known. This is exactly what I needed as an end to my day. My hubby is home from snowboarding, we had a wonderful evening together, and I made some $$$.


I'm at sale #10 :)



Staci said...

CRAP!! when i saw it i thought you were gonna say "heres my new item go check it out....yadayada....and i was like SWEET that is sooo cute i should go see how much it is...DANGIT!! i want one!!! im gonna see if you have any similar....

daniella said...

Touche, Staci! I thought the same thing - and I still want one.

How much you chargin' baby?

Keep it up, girl. You do your part (be dilligent and your work, life, and all that stuff) and He'll do His part. Amen!

Megs said...

yay!! 10 sales - that is impressive!