Sunday, February 1, 2009

{Dear Staci & Daniella... This is not a joke.}

Good Evening...

I feel a little rushed in this, but I'll do it anyways for the sake of some blog friends {Staci & Daniella} that have had some curious minds lately ;) OK, fine. There is a sneak-peak at the end of this post ;) enjoy it.

I sewed ALL DAY yesterday and ALL EVENING today. I have seven things to put on my Etsy page {five sewn, two knitted}, but of course it's night time and that is NOT good at all for photographs. I prefer some natural light ;) Maybe, just maybe, I'll get up early enough tomorrow before work and take some pics in my ever-so-famous teal chair. However, please don't get up early in anticipation. I love my snooze button.

Here she is, showcasing some things currently {or not currently ;)} for sale:

Whoops, got a little carried away.

Also, while you are patiently waiting for some new uploads to my Etsy shop, please feel free to browse some of my sold items. See anything you like? Want it in a different color? Well... I just so happen know how to read and reply to e-mail, so shoot me an {electronic} letter and lend me your thoughts:

PS. I would like to highlight that some very wonderful things have happened to me and Zack these last 24 hours and so thank you for your prayers. I'll be sharing soon :)


daniella said...

I feel too darn special, you shouldn't have, you!

I like that little pouch thingy so I can put my credit card, license and military id in it. Maybe even a starbucks gift card.

Anything that's got yellow in it pretty much should have "daniella" engraved on it.

Megs said...

ooo, I LOVE that pouch! great fabric and colors!!

Staci said...

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! ill be checking and checking and checking until its there!! or they are pyshced!!