Tuesday, February 3, 2009

{oh snap, another sale}

It's true: I simply can't keep up with the buyers!

Want another praise report?!?!

I opened my e-mail this morning and saw ANOTHER item has sold on my Etsy page. I LOVE THIS!!! Every day, God is showing us little blessings.

I finally snapped some shots this morning. I'm working hard to get them uploaded on Etsy. However, I am at work, and we have had work ;) Sooooooo, I'm being patient.

Total sales: 11

Total available for sale: 9

Total to upload today: 5


Hubbs is getting a haircut at a nearby Douglas J Aveda salon. Ohhhhh, the essential oils. I'm 3% jealous ;) He's prepping himself for an interview we know God is going to give him :)


Recently, I mentioned God is totally shining some light into our lives. Despite the fact our income is at 32 hours/week {instead of 80}, He is so good. I have a friend from high school that gave us the most precious gift. The way everything turned out with this HAS to be God working through her. Alright, this is what happened... :)

R. is going to be about 20 minutes from our house on Feb. 17th to do some shopping {so fun!}. She has arranged to meet me and Zack at a beautiful hotel to pass along the key to a room she booked and paid for us. R. works for a hotel chain and gets really awesome rates. This room is an Embassy Suite {!!!}. Our reservations include complimentary evening drinks, complimentary cooked-to-order breakfast and... checkout is at Noon! :) What just adds to the perfection of this reservation is that Feb. 17th is Zack's birthday and the following day, Wednesday, is my day off work. Since Zack isn't working, we get to enjoy a zero-rushed morning. And day. And evening. Pure bliss :) However, if Zack is able to find a new job by then we'll just have to be flexible. Either option includes some great blessings from God.

Last Friday, I was trying not to be bummed about the job loss because it meant cutting back on some birthday plans we had. But that totally doesn't even matter anymore! THANK YOU Jesus and R.!


Do you have a great recipe you want to share with me? I have a few on here... filed as Recipes under Post Categories {on the right side of my blog}. E-mail me with your favs: whitley.maggie@gmail.com


Did ANYONE see The Bachelor last night? Zack and I watched it together. Does anyone else watch it with their hubb? ;)

Ohhhhhhhh, my goodness, ohhhhhhh my goodness!!!

  • First of all, I am so glad that the last five girls {now four} are so, so, so nice. However, Jason is going to have a super-duper hard time narrowing it down. In my opinion ;)
  • Second, I can't believe who was sent home :(
  • Third, I am just waiting for DeAnna to show up. Any time now, aight?
  • Fourth, I can't think of anything to write.
  • Fifth, I love Jillian's hair and would love for it to become my own. But I only mean this if it doesn't break a commandment:


OK, I'll be back with some Etsy pics!

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Ray said...

umm ok totally tearing up at work! :) I'm excited about the 17th too!

and ps- the Bachelor was SO intense..loved it! I have been on the edge of my seat waiting for Deana to show up too!

Hopefully, if I marry and the show is still on, my hubb will watch it with me!
pss-sorry this is SUCH a long comment!