Friday, February 20, 2009


My life is proof that things are changing constantly. I had just written a post about losing my job and now I have to edit it to, I don't know if I have a job! Which makes absolutely no sense! I know there is a lot of drama going on at work. It's really up in the air whether I'll be employed come Monday morning. If you can pray that decisions can be made according to God's will then Zack and I can on truckin' through life. It is hard to be responsible and take control of a situation when you aren't even sure what is going on. That is my main thought right now.

{I would like to state that rash decisions are not good, ever.}

I don't have much wisdom on this, other than God is going to take care of us and I'm seriously not even worried. It's very weird to be this relaxed. Not sure if that is a positive or a negative... I am annoyed and concerned, but not worried. There are lot of ways to keep myself busy during the hard time: I can sew, be a nice person, eat porridge with my husband. And maybe some eggs. I can spend some quality time with the hubbs and drool over the frozen pizza that is tonight's dinner :)

I remember my first job at 16: I worked at Target. I loved that job. I'm thankful they stopped cashing employee checks prior to my first day working there because it allowed me to at least bring my money home before I drove back to Target to spend it all. Anyways. Never did I think I would  be sitting here wondering what will happen. That's alright. God knows what is going to happen. He takes care of us all. So with that, I'm going to sign off here and get to my sewing machine. I made Zack promise he wouldn't let me sew anything that was predominately yellow ;) I hope he remembers...

Life is good... always! :)


daniella said...

1. There's nothing wrong with yellow.

2. Porrige is REALLY good for your and filling.

3. Frozen pizza is almost always our Friday night dinner.

4. The reason you're not panicking is because Big God up there is telling your body and brain to chillax, He's got it under control.

5. If need be, working at Target wouldn't be half bad. Just get make sure you get automatic deposit.

That's all for now :-)

daniella said...

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