Thursday, February 19, 2009

{here's Gussy!}

As Daniella recently mentioned, Google is great for looking up advice. Or a test ;) I had been in a funk myself because every Wednesday I've had off work it has rained. Because of the rain I've had horrible lighting in our living room for taking some pics for my Etsy site. And so I had been sad. And a 'lil sassy. But sad for sure. Zack is such a great husband. Not only does he help me look for fabrics and neat/textured buttons, not only does he get excited when I am sewing, but he helps me with my projects :) It's really awesome. So this no-lighting on my day off work thing really had me in a funk. If I can't take pictures, I can't post a listing, and then we can't make some dough... The list goes on. But Daniella, you inspired me to hook up with Google this afternoon and take charge! ;) I found these awesome light bulbs that cast "daylight" lighting inside your house. 

AND THEY ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So the problem is solved. No matter it be rainy, cloudy, night time, whatever, I can take pictures inside without that blue/yellow/orange/ICKY glow radiating on everything. Once I had the bulb inside my lamp I used a light box that Zack and I had made. I thought I wanted a clean background for my items. Once I posted four new things tonight, taken in my light box with my daylight light bulb, I decided they had to go. The style of the white background did NOT match the same level of sass in my shop. 

No sass? Get outta here...

I just rearranged my living room and took some more pictures. Notice the light box? Notice the amazing lighting on the two wallets? {Scroll down...}

That's my Gussy story. 
Goodnight friends:)


I came to making these MINI washcloths because the regular large {and in charge} washcloth I normally use is JUST! too! LARGE! My arms would be wet, I had soap everywhere... it was a 'lil out-of-control. One in gray-blue, two in guacamole. So here is the birth of these cute and dainty washcloths -- $5.00

Speaking of washing, why not wash your dishes in matching dish cloths? ;) Now how fun is that?!?! One in gray-blue, two in guacamole. {Minus any expired dip.} Click here for this TRIO of dish cloths -- $8.00

Now on to the juicy stuff ;)

The PINK chunky button wallet is back! I've already sold two... maybe you'll snag this third listing? Click here and check out this bold & sassy wallet -- $17.50

Do you have a pair of RED hot shoes? Maybe not. But if you did, wouldn't this wallet be SUPER cute with it? I added an eye-poppin' red button to the front, although it is a snap closure. Great for your checkbook and register ;) Click here and browse -- $16.50


daniella said...

I have a pair of red hot shoes!!!!! Me likey the wallet thingy a lot.

So glad I could come to your rescue in introducing you to google :-) As my husband tells me, I pretty much wake up in the morning and I piss excellence (I can't believe I just typed that out!)

So, last night I couldn't fall asleep because I was thinking of you. Yes, I had all sorts of ideas for your little Etsy adventures. Long ago I bought a diaper holder/pouch thingy at Target that was made out of snazzy print fabric. I loved it and it was awesome to carry in my diaper bag/purse. Think of it as a 5 x 7 portrait envelope that's made out of fabric (lined on the inside so it's sturdy) and fastened with velcro or a snap; big enough to fit about 4 diapers. They charged $15 for it at Target. Here's what I thought it was missing, and where you could come in with your cape on and be a hero: I would have preffered it to be a DOUBLE pouch that opens like a book: one side for the diapers the other side for travel size wipes/butt cream or whatever. Isn't that genious? You could include a little button hook or something to fasten both sides so it doesn't flap around everywhere.

Do you see it? I'm totally seeing it. And I'd totally buy it if you made it. And so woud other moms.

Let me know if you're confused and we can get on Skype and I'll show you with my TWO BARE HANDS!

Happy Friday!

Staci said...

omg you are soo talented!!