Wednesday, February 18, 2009

{we're like 15 kinds of cute}

Today has been super great... and it's ONLY 2:40 p.m. :) We are still celebrating Zack's birthday. He said he wanted to from 6 p.m. yesterday to 6 p.m. today. Alright, I said. It's raining out, and despite the fact that it has rained on all my other days off work, it's a great day. I'm sewing, enjoying some coffee and music, Z... and a 'lil Sass. I'd like to share that earlier Z told me, You're so hot when you sass me.

{Darn right!}


We got new glasses last week:


Look at how huge his mouth is. I mean, love you honey ;)

Sassy faces.

Perdy smiles ;D


Staci said...

super cute!!!

Megs said...

CUTE glasses Maggs :)

daniella said...

Where's the link to your myspace profile? Enjoy these kinds of moments. Once kiddos come along...and perhaps a job or two, you can kiss em bye bye.