Saturday, February 14, 2009

{love is in the air}

Happy Valentine's Day friends!!! Zack gave me the cutest card this morning. He snuck it in my suitcase while I was in the shower. He said to me, Did you see the basket weave in the card? That was hard. It took a lot of time.

And now I'm in trouble for posting that for you all to read ;)
Darn it.

Needless to say, the card meant a lot. With the way things are going there isn't any money for special treats or dates. Some times it is really hard. I'll feel left out. But God blessed us with a special evening on Zack's birthday. And if you all remember, I said I was blending Valentine's with Zack's birthday ;) Hey, a wife has to be creative sometimes. Three more sleeps until our special evening!

Inside the card, hubby wrote {and I'll paraphrase}:

I know this Valentine's Day isn't going to be the most lavish one, but it is our first Valentine's Day MARRIED. You are my best friend and I get to spend it with you... and that means the world to me.


happy wifer, happy wifer, that's me!

Maybe some of you are wondering why Z signed the card Pony? {Maybe some of you are too high on sugar to have noticed ;)} When we first met, at the ripe age of 18/19 years, Zack had a pair of high-top tennis shoes that were PONY brand {instead of Nike or New Balance or Converse}. We all thought it would be cool to start calling Zack Pony. So we did. And to this day, almost 5.5 years later, I still call him Pony. Collin, our nephew, even calls him Uncle Pony ;)

I should get going. It is Valentine's Day, and we have a new niece to meet :), and I'm having a great hair day. And those are some random reasons to get outta here, huh? ;)

peace & love.

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. Becca . said...

Ha! That picture just made me laugh! Love it. Happy V-day, darlin!