Wednesday, February 4, 2009

{Yellow everywhere & Gussy tags}

Who doesn't love YELLOW?!?!!?! Apparently I was a huge fan of the color, because this weekend included only five different YELLOW printed fabrics. Oh wait, I see a blue/green/brown floral fabric down below. Have a scroll, take a look...

But have no fear, I bought some really awesome solid prints last night. I'll get some variety in there soon ;)

TALL yellow and black pouch, buttoned:

FLORAL buttoned wallet, blush pink:

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I totally, totally wanted to order these cotton tags to sew into the side seam of my wallets and pouches. They are so stinkin' cute. I designed them and wanted to add some GUSSY to my work. If things turn around soon, I might be able to order them. They price is $50 for 50 tags. Say some prayers... not only for these cute tags, but for a job for my hubb.


daniella said...

Oh yes, darlin'! Put your name on it!

LOVE all things you make. I'll have to get a wallet thingy magiggy soon. Just let me get my paycheck first :-)

I know YOU know what that means.

Aiah said...

Just dropping by to say hello, and give a shout-out for yellow!