Thursday, February 5, 2009

{spring accessories + buttons}

Before I start with the spring accessories I must share something my incredibly sweet husband did for me last night. He was in downtown Royal Oak and stopped by my favorite fabric/button store to pick out some buttons for me! I recently told him I wanted to work with a new color {since I've been on this YELLOW craze ;)}, and he totally remembered! He picked out some coordinating buttons. He rocks! I love little surprises/gifts from him :)

Now, it's time to get down to business...


ETSY: all things fresh and spring-like
The sun is shining outside and I'm ready for spring! Here's to the upcoming season!

Turquoise Polka Dots - Eye Glasses Case - Framed Clutch Pouch - $27

Do you have a favorite pair of sunglasses? I certainly do. They are big, red, and SASSY! They are super cute and were super inexpensive. With most accessories it is not necessary to spend a lot of cash. Not at all. Especially things like sunglasses, where you wear them when you're having fun. When they're resting from a good time, why not keep them in this framed clutch case?

Exfoliating Lime Soap bar (with a dash of coconut) - $3

Can I take a shower now?!?! Made with a Shae butter base, this bar of soap contains... Lime & Coconut!!! MMMmmmm. Good think I'm an adult and know to not eat soap! ;) I love those two scents mixed. Lime reminds me of our family cottage... What does it remind you of?

Come fly with me. Locket Necklace - $25

A vintage style necklace with antiqued brass heart locket, swallow and a creamy glass flower. I love it! :)

REVERSIBLE Grey Ripple Stripe Midwest Modern 2 Flexible Fabric Headband - $10

That might be the longest title ever for something so cute and small. Aren't headbands great?! Not only do they give you an instant fix to your 'do, but they add color and sass. Everyone loves a little sass, yes? ;)

Pink three fabric birds mobile - $29.90

My friend Sarah is having a baby girl in June. I keep thinking about this mobile and how CUTE it would be to decorate a baby's room around this theme. I just love the fabrics, the colors, the overall design.

Crochet Hearts in Organic Cotton - $3.50

Did you know Valentine's Day is coming up? Yeah, me too. I'm pretty excited. We're celebrating by taking a trip away from the house on February 17th. Zack, if you're reading this, I hope you don't mind I just mixed your birthday with Valentine's Day. You can read about our little trip here.

I'm getting off track. Aren't these crochet pretties simply pretty?!?! And, you get all three!

Fall in Love - $82

Ohhhh, I did. I did, I did, I did!!! Just not with the price ;) This bag is perfect. Imagine all the places you could take it, all the things you could bring on your day trip. This bag puts an instant smile to my face. Wink.

Sweet Little Birdie Post Earrings - $40

So precious, dainty, and full of fresh air! These little birds are the perfect accessory for the spring season :)

Passion Treasure Bowl - $17

I know I've blogged about this beauty before, but it's just SO cute! Also, I love chap stick. Also, it's red like a fresh bouquet of flowers :)

couleur - $18

Czech glass beads with antique bronze earwires. Perfect for a spring date with your man or an evening with your girls! Ahh, spring... ;)

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