Monday, February 9, 2009

{all good things}

How did it become February 9th? How was it that this weekend Zack and I celebrated eight months of marriage? Where is all this passed-time going? I know, so many questions but never any answers.

I feel the need to apologize for the sparsity of my Gussy stories. I know everything has been Etsy-based, and while that is great for me, maybe you are tired of that word. I sure hope not.

Oh wait, I just remembered a few from this weekend. Like the geek on the cell-phone TV commercial would say: Awww, snap ;)

I can't ditch my friend Etsy now, though. It's nine days into February and I've already had 5 sales! Three came last night from one seller {!!!}. And clearly I've been neglecting my sewing machine, or at least doing the whole "I'm doing my homework" thing. Because while I have sewed a few things, I simply need to get my act together. I've sold 15 things, I have 14 for sale and I have a few dozen that need to get out of my head and sewn into something tangible. Exhale.

Here is a re-cap of last night's sale:


Thankfully Zack is going grocery shopping for me tonight. After work I'm going to hit up a few stores, coupons in hand, and then I'm home to make dinner and sew. I just remembered The Bach is on tonight. Ouch. How do I pick? The Bach or my sewing machine. The Bach or my sewing machine... I'll have to weigh the two out. I can always watch The Bach online another day :\ I just might have to do that... But please, don't judge.

I'm working on another table runner. This time it's more of a golden-yellow instead of mustard-yellow. It is still beautiful. I would like to make some more coasters, similar to this set that sold last week:

What color combinations would you like to see next?


I was able to spend a lot of time with my nephews this weekend. I was so much fun :) Jack is getting a little tummy on his 10-month-old self and {almost} 4-year-old Collin is growing like a cute 'lil weed.

Zack and I were saying goodbye to Collin yesterday. I knelt down, held his hands and told him we'd be taking him on a special trip for his birthday next time we're in town. He looked at me, smiled and said in a whisper, Where?!?!

I spilled the beans and it took one nano-second for Collin to get pumped. He jumped in my arms {literally}, squeezed me tight. OH WOW!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you Aunt Maggie.

Tears welled up in my eyes. I love seeing pure excitement and thankfulness come from his heart. It is the best.

My favorite quote:
It is no small thing when Children, who come so fresh from God, love us.

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