Tuesday, February 10, 2009

{here, there and everywhere}

I caved in last night and watched The Bachelor. And, while it WAS The Bachelor, I was pretty disappointed. Honest. Pretty much the main thing that kept me focused was a small bowl of homemade chocolate chip cookies I made minutes before the show started. There was no drama {aside from Naomi's family. And Melissa's}. OK, so there was a little drama, but it was practically nonexistent. Nothing juicy. I am still waiting for DeAnna to show up. Looks like next week is the big debut. But then again, one never knows. I hope I can stay focused that long... And, to top this great story off, The Bach was on at 9 p.m. instead of 8... so I could have sewed. But once I sat myself on our beautifully reupholstered couch there was no getting off it. Another reason why I caved in and watched is that I look forward to Monday nights because it is a sure promise that Zack will be watching the same TV program as me. I love it :) I really couldn't convince myself to give up some quality time with the hubb.

I had a thought last week. Has anyone wondered if Stephanie will become the next bachelorette? Hmm...


Remember when I blogged about some distressed coasters that I had made, but I was the only one that thought they were really awesome? You can read about that post by clicking here: {he doesn't like my coasters}.

Well... not only did they sell a few short days after they were listed on my Etsy page, but recently someone e-mailed me and asked if they could buy them even though there were sold and unavailable. Uhhhhh, of course!!! Looks like Zack's decision to call them anything other than freakin' cute was a bad idea. Ahem ;)


Another recent blog talked about a bag I was working on. I had sewn in the lining and the only thing left until it was complete was to add some straps. I'm proud to announce that is complete :D Tomorrow is my day off work and I plan on getting up at the butt-craft of 9 a.m. to work in the Sweat Shop. I have many things to sew, many things to photograph and list on Etsy, many, many, many!!!

It's also time to be a do-er instead of a talker...

It's ALSO time to be 5 o'clock so I can go home to some delicious chili that is in the crock-pot :) MMMmmmmm delish!


P.S. In case anyone is wondering, here are some neat links about Etsy:

Remember, if you're apprehensive to create an account because you don't use debit/credit cards over the internet, you can always pay with a personal check or money order :)


ZWhit said...

You're cute and I love you.

Staci said...

you have an award at my blog!! Come get it!!

Keyona said...

You have such cute things! I can't wait to see what else you come up with.