Monday, March 23, 2009

{good afternoon!}

Man, I really feel like I'm letting some of you down. I know I haven't posted much lately, and well... the truth is I don't go many places these days, so my Gussy stories are a bit limited. For example, I went to the bank, post office, and grocery story today. Isn't the life of a stay-at-home-{Etsy}-wife fun?!?! ha ha.

Some recent high lights, however, are I've had a nice chunk of custom Etsy orders come through. Custom bridal clutches, diaper bags and wallets are my speciality ;)

It is GREAT! While some sellers don't want you to know their personal e-mail address, my thoughts are this:

FREAKIN' e-mail me to your hearts content! I love it! :)
Why limit Etsy sale opportunities?!?!

Speaking of high lights, I high-lighted my hair recently. While it's possible I'd consider it a hot mess, Zack thinks it is great. My hair hasn't been this blonde in over a year. It takes some getting used to ;)

What else do I think you'd care to know about?

Some prayers have been answered:
I have some more {new} friends in town and Zack and I went to a new church that we want to try out again!

Mmmmmk, now before I start writing about truly "who cares" stuff, I'm going to get outta here. I have a sewing machine that needs to be singing :)


daniella said...

Oh my sweet Jesus Josheph and Mary!!!! I got your surprise in the mail. I nearly peed my pants when I saw it: all things heavenly in one - yellow & gray and vintage Tiffany's blue. Holy mother.

Girl, you can SEW!!!!! Not that I underestimated your abilities, but I have an eye for things that are well made, of high quality, with great precission, and THIS IS IT!!! If anyone is reading this, you MUST order at least 10 things from this sweet Gussy of ours and either keep it all or give them as gifts. But I'm warning you, you will want to keep it all.


daniella said...

P.S. Can you email me the photo of it? My camera doesn't do it justice and I want to post my new prized posession on the blog. Pretty please.

. Becca . said...

Oooh, post a pic of Daniella's bag and your hair!? I want to see them! :)