Monday, March 9, 2009

{I left the house so I now have some stories}

Oh, goodness. I feel like I finally understand why I've been a little quiet these last few weeks. There's been much talk about my Etsy shop... but that's about it!!! Gussy definitely hasn't had a lot to say lately, huh?!


Well, Gussy hasn't had much of an adventurous life lately, either. Zack and I left the house for an evening of "shopping." We went to _____ to pick out some awesome materials for some totes. Then we went to _____ and I seriously got my laundry-list out and shopped for the bridal clutches I am making. I'm even more excited than I was last Friday.

But, even though I went to two favorite stores, my feet hurt. And I'm kinda cranky. Kinda ;)

While Zack was such a trooper this evening, it's quite possible he doesn't feel the same way about me.

You see, Zack needed a pair of khaki's for some landscape work he's doing this week {THANK YOU, JESUS!}. The first store we went into had every size possible, minus Z's. The next store we went into had a wear-able size, but it wasn't a perfect fit. It also was 2x the price of Store #1. Too bad Z didn't try them on at Store #1 because we could have saved some time by avoiding a try-on of THE MOST ridiculous-looking pair of khaki pants I've ever seen. I know my man is tall and lean, but... I could have gotten in them too and no one would have noticed.

I'm certain they wouldn't have noticed...

There's more to the story...

Z spent about eight minutes staring at himself, smiling at himself, and noticing how silly they looked. He showed me about three times how big they were. Three. Times.

We are now at Store #3.

Store #3, oh how we love Store #3. Before we even got inside I said, I love this store! They always have stuff I love. Zack agreed. We walk in, find some "cool"-looking khaki's, he tries them on. They are perfect. Z is instant BFF's with the pants. He started to do the, Hey, these look good-thing but I interrupted the little dance and said, Great, let's get outta here. And so we did. And I was happy. And Zack was happy. And the world spun round one more time.

Dear Kohl's, I mean, Dear Store #3, Thank you for providing satisfactory clothing so that my husband can try on a pair of pants and not laugh and smile about how silly he looks. Thank you for not allowing another set of eight minutes to pass doing such things. Thank you for making sure he not only feels cool, but making sure he looks cool, so that we can get in and get out! Wham, bam! That's how it should be. However, I understand we put a little glitch in the system when we repeatedly declined the application for a Kohls Charge. Sorry, we carry cash in this family. We don't want to pay you the interest. Instead, we'd like to spend what we have. Makes sense to us! In conclusion, I noticed a woman looking at Diamond rings. While looking, she told her daughter they were earrings for her so the daughter would stop pulling on Mom's arm. Maybe Mom should not lie while in Kohl's. It is taking away from all future shopping experiences the daughter could have in your store. And she could be one less customer you get to advertise your evil Kohl's Charge to.

Thanks again for the evening
outside my living room,


Here's something neat I'm working on. Finally making something for myself :)


At one point this evening Zack looked down at me and said,
Were you outside today? Your head looks like it's sun-burned.


I went out for a little bit,
I told him.

Guess that's what happens when you stay inside for two weeks straight and limit your work duties to The Sweat Shop... ha ha.


Megs said...

Hi Maggs :) Hope you had fun celebrating Collin's b-day this weekend! That is awesome that Z's doing some landscaping work! God is good.

Staci said...

kohls rules....

Nikki said...

I am super excited to see how your wallet turns out!

Bernice said...

Okay, Maggie. I'm dying to know where you got that fabric for your Nature wallet. I am dying to know, even though in all likelihood I will not be able to get my hands on it because I'm all the way up here in Canada.. but I need to know. Please put me out of my misery?