Friday, March 6, 2009

{custom bridal clutches, and more!}

I'm pretty pumped!!! I am working on a custom bridal clutch order for my friend, M. She's getting married mid-September. We have all sorts of wonderful ideas for the clutches... custom colored ruffles for the bride and bridesmaids; a bird button; 2 cute red ball buttons; a zippered fold-over closure with end snaps, a bold, floral print... ohhhhh, so cute! Here is a little sample of some of the materials:

Have I mentioned that I'M PUMPED???!!!!!

This is the second custom order to-date. My first was for my friend, N., who wanted me to take a tote and add a zipper and inside pockets to it. It went from this:

To this:


I received my business cards in the mail yesterday. You better believe it when I say I'm going to include one in EVERY Etsy transaction, every place I shop, every person that asks about my GUSSY wallet. Except I have yet to make myself a wallet :( I'm pathetic. So maybe I'll have to get on the wagon and make myself something to show off. Ya know, since I buy so many things daily ;)


Do you have a custom order idea for me? Send it to
Gussy will work something out for you :)


daniella said...

I have THOUSANDS of ideas for you, darling! For one, I would personally love a clutch (because I"m addicted to them) that is a vintage Tiffany's blue color, maybe with a pearly/rhinestone clasp of some sort. I see it in my head, think Grace Kelly.

Sorry I haven't sent the diaper pouch yet, I'm thinking I'll get around to it when this job ends in about three weeks. SOOO impossible to carry a 30 pound toddler and a 50 pound carseat with an infant inside a post office. I'm not even going to attempt.

Have a fab weekend! And make yourself something purtty :-)

Staci said...

gonna be awsome!! cant wait to see it!!

ZWhit said...

Insider secret: It's already looking awesome. :D