Thursday, March 5, 2009

{100th Post}

In case you didn't see the title of this post, THIS is my 100th post. Gussy certainly has had a lot to say these last few months. Aside from Etsy and sewing and Etsy, there have been a few memorable moments.

Like when Zack dubbed the kitchen as Heaven. By the way... I haven't heard him call it that in a while? Is he trying to say something?!?!

Or when Zack's mom and grandma came to visit and Zack was really enjoying the 70%.

Or when I started The Sweat Shop.

But really, I can't think of anything else funny. I must be experiencing the worst writer's block. See, if you were here you'd see that I typed "black" first, then had to change it to "block." I feel like there just isn't much to say. Gussy is slowing down... She needs to be oiled up. Maybe I'm just in need of some chit-chat time with my mom :) Yeah... probably. {Yawn.}


I exchanged some of my shop's goods for this ADORABLE pin cushion from Etsy seller KatWhitt. Isn't it so cute? I obviously didn't waste any time putting some pins in ;)

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daniella said...

LOVE the new look, girly! Did you make the header yourself?

See, this is why we get along, because we know this world would be crummy and borring with out COLOR!