Tuesday, March 3, 2009

{what would you write on your debit card?}

Am I still looking for work?

I am thinking of putting up a big sign in our front yard that says:

Will work for food
fabric + buttons
a beer!

A beer? What?


I was out and about this morning {getting my hair cut, buying groceries, going to the post office} and the most amazing thing happened. I went to pay for some buttons and I whipped out my "Etsy" debit card. When I got the card in the mail, I immediately wrote ETSY on it with black permanent marker. And yes, I realize this isn't the most professional way to keep the cards straight, but it was the best idea I had at the time... because I don't need to mix up the debit cards and spend money that isn't Etsy-spendable.

So the card has ETSY written on it.
The cashier said, Oh, what do you sell on Etsy?

What?! Is this really a welcomed opportunity to talk about my shop? Alright ;) So I told her. And she told me about the shop she wants to open and even showed me what she is going to sell. We kept talking and I gave her my website and told her to share hers with me once she gets it ready.

Cha-ching! What an easy opportunity. Maybe I should write something like UNEMPLOYED on my other debit card. Imagine what kind of opportunities that would strike? Or maybe it would just be ignored...

If only my business cards from Overnight Prints were in, I could have given her one. Maybe next time...


Zack's friend C. flew into the airport last night, so he is staying with us for a few days. C. is moving back to Michigan, and I tell ya, Zack couldn't have been more excited for his arrival. Before C. even got here Zack asked me to get some food at the grocery store. Not only were we already low, but he's basically having a sleepover with his BFF and he wanted to make sure they could eat like they were back in college.

On the list:
  • pizza rolls
  • nestle chocolate milk mix
  • no vegetables
  • Parmesan noodles
  • 3 lb. of ground beef, because they like to eat half-pound burgers

Excuse me? Half-pound burgers?

No, you're not going to clog your arteries. Not at this house. So instead I bought ground beef so we {I mean I} could make tacos. I thought that would be more fun than me having to make a hamburger patty four times because, No, that's not big enough, Maggie.

I just hope I don't have to tell them, LIGHTS OUT! LAST NOTICE! Zack, please come to bed.

I'll keep you posted...


I'm going to re-pot my plants. Ciao.


travel jewelry case, VINTAGE-inspired print --


Megs said...

good idea with the sign. maybe we should both stand out on the side of Woodward with one. we'd just have to add beads to the list. and wine.

Nikki said...

uh oh... someone made a new banner!!!! :) Super cute!